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Bobby MosaediMPEG Streamclip & Media 100 HD
by on Dec 5, 2005 at 8:33:13 pm

i cannot export clips from DVD and get them into M100HD without having to rerender twice. whats happening is i open a VOB file, then select export to quicktime, and i select the media 100 NTSC 720 compressor. then i change the frame size to 720x486, select lower field dominance. but when i hit the options button, nothing happens. this should be the place where i select what kb/frame rate or to use millions of colors+. i hit export anyways. when i import into media 100HD, it starts off by "updatin video file" which is good. then right before it gets done it says it detects alpha and wants to change the compressor to media100HD. the only option i have is to say yes and change the compressor to HD, or hit cancel and not let anything happen. this is pretty frustrating. are there any other MPEG converter programs that work or is there a way to import DVD clips in a minimal number of steps.


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FlohRe: MPEG Streamclip & Media 100 HD
by on Dec 5, 2005 at 8:55:36 pm

In MPEG Streamclip you could try exporting as "lossless" using the Animation codec at the highest data rate, which is also supported natively by HD. Maybe there is a bug in either MPEG Streamclip or the Media 100 i codec that does not work for you.

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Bobby MosaediRe: MPEG Streamclip & Media 100 HD
by on Dec 5, 2005 at 10:21:27 pm

yeah i suppose that i could do that, but obviously at the expense of high data rates for already very compressed video. if anyone has another program that they know works for directly exporting MPEG2 to quicktime, i would like to know.

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GregRe: MPEG Streamclip & Media 100 HD
by on Dec 6, 2005 at 7:37:12 pm

You could try Cinematize. It works great for us. Haven't done any HD though. Here's the link:


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