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HAL fragment

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smallfryHAL fragment
by on Jul 9, 2005 at 11:58:32 pm

Is anyone familiar with this particular error message? Please help as I have the rope around my neck and am looking for high places from which to jump

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FlohRe: HAL fragment
by on Jul 10, 2005 at 8:43:51 am

The HAL fragment is a link between the OS and the hardware; I

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smallfryRe: HAL fragment
by on Jul 10, 2005 at 1:35:31 pm

Thanks for the tips. let me elaborate the scenario. I was running version 2.6.2 on a Mac 8100 for 7 years. I bought a G4 for Aftereffects and had the 2 computers networked together for file transfers.

2 weeks ago I bought a G3 with version 6 as I got a smoking deal (I thought!). There was alot of software that came with this purchase, including version 8. My thought was that all the software belonged to the same owner, I could pull the card and install it in my G4 along with the software. I did so, but after much hand wringing, realized that the card's serial number did not match the version 8 software Former owner had more than one system and sold each system to different buyers). Media 100 wants $600 to sync this up. That is not a reality now. So, my other thought was to just install version 6 on my G4, remove the version 8 software and be back in business. Unfortunately, thats when this new problem started. I tried to uninstall to no avail. One more little issue is that I don't have the original CD for version 6. Any help? Please????

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RobMRe: HAL fragment
by on Jul 11, 2005 at 12:40:43 am

Versions 4.5 and earlier used dongles for authentication. Anything later (versions 5.x and on) used an encryption code (system key) that tied the particular version of software to the specific serial number of the board, so you won't be able to swap things around as you are trying to do. You'll need the specific system key for the serial number of the board and the version of software. You can't just install a new version software on any board; M100 did this to cut down on software (ahem) *sharing*.

Depending upon the particular generation of G4 you're trying to run in, you may need a specific version of the M100 software in order for it to work - Apple changes things from generation to generation of Macs (timing, latencies, etc.) and in some instances, M100 had to provide software updates for compatibility with a particular generation of Mac. For instance, support for the G4 "Gigabit Ethernet" models required a minimum of Media 100 Version 6.0.3:

Version 7.0.2 and later provided compatibility for the "Digital Audio" generation of G4s:

and etc.

Note that the above are just patches - you'll need the full version of either 6.x or 7.x (and the corresponding system key for the serial number of the board you're using) previously installed for them to be able to update. If you don't have the original install discs, you would probably have to get them from another source (AFAIK, M100 currently only supports versions of 8.x under OS X - anything for OS 9 is getting pretty long in the tooth by now...) or you may need to purchase an update to Version 8. Your other option would be to try contacting the original seller and see if they can provide the correct system key(s) for the board you bought from them or the install disc(s). You could also just use version 6.0 in the G3 the system came in.

Basically, you want to get the legacy CPG:

and follow the recommendations there as closely as possible. The M100 software, OS, QuickTime versions and everything else are laid out in the master compatibility chart at the beginning of the doc and in the particular section for whichever Mac you may be using.

Floh is right about the HAL fragment message:

and it may also be due to the fact that you're trying to run 6.0 on a later generation G4, which simply won't work without the correct update or version of M100 software.

Good luck,

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