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Boris RED making Media 100 crash

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DougBoris RED making Media 100 crash
by on May 17, 2005 at 3:26:05 am

I've got my 2nd Media100i system running OSX 10.2.8 using Media 100 v8.2.1 on a quick silver dual 1Gig w/512MB Ram.
Just started happening after working fine for months. Making a Boris RED (v3.0)transition, jumping to RED, select a transition from library browser, click apply...CRASH "Media 100 unexpectedly quit." I've trashed prefs on both M100 and Boris. Where do I find the fonts to remove using OSX 10.2.8??? I know it's 'Font book' in Panther. Anything else I should try?

Sincerely frustrated,

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JoeRe: Boris RED making Media 100 crash
by on May 17, 2005 at 5:32:40 pm

Could the transition involve some corrupted media? Maybe a graphic(pict).

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Todd at UCSBRe: Boris RED making Media 100 crash
by on May 17, 2005 at 5:39:16 pm

Hi Doug,
I don't think fonts are your trouble. They can be, but not for this.

This is a Boris thing. Happened to me quite a bit with v.2.5. Using Boris as a stand alone or with FCP. So I know it's not Media 100. In my experience, Boris get's a little buggy when you start using the library browser. What I usually did for this is do a little at a time. I would choose from the lib., change fonts, add shadows, etc. etc. Somewhere along the line it would crash. So what I ended up doing was doing a little at a time. Go in, choose from the library, save and quit. Go back in, change some setting, save and quit again. Usually once I applied the library transistion saved and quit, Boris would be stable for me to do the rest.
If that doesn't work, you might try just using Boris, not inside M100. See if it's any more stable. You might be able save your transistion in Boris, then apply it in Media 100.

Good Luck,

Todd at UCSB
Television Production

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DougRe: Boris RED making Media 100 crash
by on May 17, 2005 at 9:12:40 pm

Thanks guys. I bought Panther, installed it and updated M100 to 8.2.2 and Boris RED to 3.0.2.
That fixed one problem but now I'm getting another. Something like "real-time effects to render but no bla bla bla" error -19003 It played the media in the timeline until it got to a certain point and up popped the error followed by the spinning beach ball and a M100 crash. Re-launch project and same thing happens again. Continued to work by batch digitizing another project (from a FCP EDL that we've been successful with before), finished and began playing on timeline, and same thing happens. My monitor goes green, and re-launching resets M100 board like usual but can't get certain clips to play without crashing. We're deleting the media (assuming they could be corrupted) and re-digitizing at 250kb vs. 200kb. Trying to mix it up to pin point the problem. I already performed a successful M100 hardware test. Now it has 512MB Ram, but that shouldn't cause this error.

My other system is practically identical only with 1GB Ram. We've got a TV show in the Dallas market that has weekly deadlines, and this one is going to effect us if we can't figure it out. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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