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XSan and Media 100 i

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XSan and Media 100 i
on Apr 15, 2005 at 11:18:08 am

We are testing (before buy) Xsan with a Media 100 i XS (v8.2.2) and a XR (v8.2.2) with LossLess. In the initial tests always look to run very good but we encounter one problem. If we start new projects, all is OK but if we try to use finished projects nothing work. In the Media Settings dialog our XServe RAID Volume is with a yellow box, indicating is a network volume. I think this yellow box is the problem. I know Media 100 haven't certified XSan with their systems. Some of you are using this configuration?

We are very interested to install a XSan environment for our two Cinewaves and three Media 100 systems.

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Re: XSan and Media 100 i
on Apr 15, 2005 at 11:53:48 am

Media 100 i is not optimized to work from network disks. Have you tried adding the SAN volume manually to your media settings in your project?
We use FibreJet from CommandSoft as our SAN software, and this works great with Media 100 i and HD.

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Re: XSan and Media 100 i
on Apr 15, 2005 at 4:35:29 pm

We too are using FiberJet. When we added the XservRaid, Apples XSAN wasn't available. FiberJet has worked great from day one and their tech support is very good. We don't feel any need to switch to XSAN. Now if only we could get Media100 HD 10.1.1 to play back legacy files real time, all would be golden!

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Re: XSan and Media 100 i
on May 16, 2005 at 8:17:29 pm

We are running XSAN with 3 Media 100 systems. 2 XR and one LX We are about 1 month into it.
We have had mixed results.
The hardware is fantastic. Speeds are wonderful with the Fibre Channel and the Qlogic SAN BOX
We do get some funky things that happen with media 100

We started working with old projects that were in progress when we switched to a SAN enviroment.
Media 100 will not remeember the locations of media on the SAN.
We have to point to our media folders every time we start a project.
This is a pain but it is not too bad. I understand this happens with media 100 and other SANs ( a reseller told me that)

The bigest thing we have seen is when another network drive is mounted on a desk top, (in our case it was a shared company drive from a PC network) media 100 gives you a warning that because of identical creation dates file associations can break. We did not think much of it a the time because we were not using that drive for media. We introduced corruption in to our project. The journaling got all screwed up and the wrong files would play out of no where in our project.
We ended up having to export to self contained movies most of our project and put it together in another project.

We are starting new projects today and I have already seen some weird things. Mostly files in my bin not being correct. This is a Journaling issue. It seems to happen when mutiple users share a media folder.
We have had no trouble when individual users each have their media folder on a drive. One project per user. This works great but is not a true SAN enviroment, but rather everyone using the same drive for media.
Setting the premissions for media folders seems to be the key but I have not gotten that down just right. I have bookmarked this thread and will keep posting as this project continues.

The hardware is totally solid but I am still learning a lot about how to work with M100 and XSAN.

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