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Audio crackle above ~ -6dB AJA Kona LHi

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Conor Flanagan
Audio crackle above ~ -6dB AJA Kona LHi
on Feb 24, 2015 at 10:51:11 am

Hi guys I'm a long time lurker of the cow and I'm normally of that mind that when I google a problem if I am redirected here then I have asked correctly.

Alas I am not finding anything conclusive answers to my problem. So I have to bother you all a little more directly.

In our edit suite we have a AJA Kona LHi card outputting to a monitor and two Genelec monitors.
When audio is played from premiere and the meter reports peaks between -6 and 0db there is a lot of crackling.
I have played the timeline through another set of, different brand, monitors with the same results.
However when I play the same projects on another machine with an AJA Express IO hooked up to two monitors there are no issues.
When I normalise audio to -6dB the problem is gone. This is my current workaround for dailies and when the bosses want to show off our showreel.

I read somewhere on here about the genlock being a problem but the cards are only used for output and there for genlock is freerun.
I also read somewhere else about introducing a mixer between the kona and monitors. But it is my belief that it is a signal issue.

I am a little light on my audio knowledge and I'm more used to working with sound guys directly and on smaller projects.
Please tell me I have overlooked something Cow - it'd be great to have this sorted before animatics kick off next week. :)

Many thanks.

Specs - don't think they'll help much, but just in case.
2 - Xeon E5-2640 2.5GHz
Quadro 4000
Fiber connection to Terrablock 24D

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