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T-Tap vs Io XT

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Aj Koch
T-Tap vs Io XT
on May 29, 2013 at 6:45:25 pm

I'm getting rid of my BlackMagic Intensity card due to several issues I've had with it. So now I'm looking into a Thunderbolt AJA-based monitoring solution for my home studio. And I need some opinions from users of either the T-Tap or the Io XT.

My only hang-up/requirement I have/need is analog audio output for my desk top mixer. My client/reference monitor is across the room AND has it's own separate sound system, so HDMI video and audio is already run the 40 feet to the client A/V Receiver/TV. But, I still need an audio solution for my desk top speakers, through an analog mixer.

Here's what I've figured I could do so far...

1) Get a T-Tap, use the HDMI output to run the 40 feet to the client monitor/speakers, then use the SDI output on the T-Tap to another AJA splitter (the Hi-5) and get analog audio (and another HDMI output) from that. I realize these two different outputs may have latency but I only run the client monitor when I have clients or color correcting, and only then do I shut off my desktop speakers.

My problem with this set-up is having two separate AJA boxes and a clutter of new cables all over and behind my desk, plus latency between my edit station and the client monitors. This solution would run me about $700.


2) Get the Io XT as a desk top IO box and run a DB25 breakout cable to my mixer. However, that's more expensive and I don't really need the input feature on the XT as almost all my ingest is tapeless. This solution would run me about $1,450.

Thoughts? Experience? My BlackMagic card is uselss and I need something that just works all the time.

Mid-2012 rMBP
Thunderbolt based workflow
FCP7 and Premiere CS6
OS 10.8.3

Thanks in advance.


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Kris Merkel
Re: T-Tap vs Io XT
on May 29, 2013 at 7:34:00 pm

The DB25 breakout is for audio ingest only. There is no analog audio out option on the ioXT. Do you are in the same boat either way.

Your only solution with either o those Is to disembed the audio from the SDI or the HDMI

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Kris Merkel
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Aj Koch
Re: T-Tap vs Io XT
on May 29, 2013 at 7:37:53 pm

No kidding? That's certainly useful information.

Although I just read there's a 1/8 mini output on the front of the XT which I could split to my mixer. Could that be a viable option?

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Christopher S. Johnson
Re: T-Tap vs Io XT
on May 29, 2013 at 8:38:45 pm

Ive used the headphone out before. I'm no sound expert but it allowed me to complete an edit. Ive also used a small HDMI audio dismbedder that goes to both RCA stereo and optical.

By the way, I'm also having some temporary audio issues with the XT around a digital distortion. It goes away after start/stop playback. But this happens with or without the disembedder. I have not searched this forum for the solution on that yet. I may just need a driver update.

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Aj Koch
Re: T-Tap vs Io XT
on May 29, 2013 at 8:46:05 pm

Brilliant. Very helpful. Thank you both! I am leaning towards the XT. Sure it costs more but pro gear always does.

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Shane Ross
Re: T-Tap vs Io XT
on May 30, 2013 at 12:58:34 am

Yeah, the headphone jack out works fine for monitoring audio. Outputting to decks? It's unbalanced for sure. But I've output to beta with it and it has been fine.

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Kevin King
Re: T-Tap vs Io XT
on May 31, 2013 at 7:56:03 am

Kris said "The DB25 breakout is for audio ingest only. There is no analog audio out option on the ioXT. Do you are in the same boat either way."

Thats Wrong Kris the DB25 is for Output only

Audio Output Analog
8-channel, 24-bit D/A analog audio, 48kHz sample rate, balanced (via 8 x XLR on DB-25 breakout cable)
+24dbu Full Scale Digital (0dbFS)
+/- 0.2db 20 to 20kHz Frequency Response

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Matthew Sonnenfeld
Re: T-Tap vs Io XT
on Jun 3, 2013 at 7:15:01 pm

I am currently using an Io XT for Premiere, Media Composer, FCP, and monitoring my audio through the DB25 with no problems. It is for analog audio output, not for input. The Io XT has no analog input, but very much as 8 channel balanced 24bit/48khz analog output via DB25.

It sounds like the Io XT is probably more of what you need. It is unfortunately given the price difference of the two items, but if you need the analog audio, that is what you will have to do unless you can find another way.

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Tim Sorel
Re: T-Tap vs Io XT
on Jun 12, 2013 at 5:36:59 pm

Hello Matthew,

I have an iMac (10.8.3) with PPCS6 and AJA i/oXT. SDI video is great but the audio coming out of the DB25 cable is intermittent. Stops during playback. AJA has not been much help on the phone. Did you ever have this issue? Thanks- Tim

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