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Status Fusion 16 Studio ???

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Michael McCune
Status Fusion 16 Studio ???
on Nov 22, 2019 at 7:10:42 pm

This forum seems to have no meaningful activity.

Is Fusion 16 on life support??? But some people are able to work with it. Right???

I used Resolve Studio 16 license to install Fusion Studio 16 as Fusion in Resolve became frustrating. The good news: some of the old interface (version 9 from about a year and half ago) features were familiar and reassuring.

But Fusion 16 Studio, sad to say, seems to have many unfinished aspects. To be sure, software of this sort is maddeningly complicated and requires enormous resources to maintain or improve.

But the simplest things, such as dropping a tif file onto the node field, fail. Often no console error message, just nothing.

EXR files work. Spent many hours looking for a working reliable tif file format combination (16/32 bit, float, compressed, generated by different applications, etc). No joy.

EXR is of course known as a purpose-built grading or compositing format but for this project there are a few other programs to round-trip and they don't all accept EXR. But tif (or tiff) should work.

Even started reading the manual for Fusion 16 (1200+ pages). That's how bad it has gotten. But it just says to load with the Loader, menu or drag and drop.

What am I missing???? Or, is Fusion 16 hopelessly crippled? Like Apple killing Final Cut and then releasing a new incompatible version that was unrecognizably dumbed down.

Basic Nuke is almost $5,000. And no other comparable basic compositing candidates that I know of.

Some obvious setup issue???

FWIW: This is a dual Xeon, 48GB ram, 1080 series card, SSD's, perhaps 30 TB of storage.

Thanks, Mike

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Simon Ubsdell
Re: Status Fusion 16 Studio ???
on Nov 23, 2019 at 10:22:45 am
Last Edited By Simon Ubsdell on Nov 23, 2019 at 11:03:58 am

[Michael McCune] "But the simplest things, such as dropping a tif file onto the node field, fail. Often no console error message, just nothing."

I have just tried this in multiple combinations in Fusion 16.0 (and 16.1.1) and it works just fine for me.

Perhaps an uninstall/reinstall of Fusion 16 is called for?

Simon Ubsdell


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