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Eric Bucchare
Caldigit HDPro's
on Oct 15, 2015 at 5:23:58 am

Hey Guys,

Wondering if any of you have any knowledge as to work-arounds to getting the Raidshield client to work w/ Mac OS 10.9 and above?

Currently, if a drive goes down, the unit starts beeping and we have to boot off an external firewire drive w/ 10.8 and it's a major pain in the butt to un-beep it and to rebuild the array plus the computer is pretty much unworkable at this point working off such a slow drive.

I've been in contact w/ them and they say that they haven't been able to find a solution to the problem and getting it compatible w/ 10.9+. I read this as "don't know, don't care" These guys used to be the absolute best in my opinion but have slipped considerably over the lack of support. Don't get me wrong, their support team is awesome, especially Leslie and Frank. But they knew they were going to do this. Selling HDPro's early 2013 and completely quitting everybody later that year. No bueno. Won't be buying a bunch of T-4's no matter how good they look.

So, of course this is problematic for our boutique studio as in the last 8 years we've accumulated 4 HDPro 2's and 2 HDPro 24's (50k+). They run like champs but getting old enough now that at least one out of 80 drives are dying about every other week now. About 35% of the drives are newish.

I'm thinking about ditching these altogether and going to start looking at other thunderbolt options and keeping these for newly offline projects/media ready to be archived on a separate computer in the machine room.

Anybody have any information on this? There doesn't seem to be that much out there. Also, can somebody, the community, recommend some high-class thunderbolt raid 5-6 arrays that might be worth taking a look at.

Thanks guys.


(I'm assuming that this is where Bryce steps in and says "call me at Maxx Digital... we'll hook you up!") lol I'm looking for a web discussion to do some research first.

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Bob Zelin
Re: Caldigit HDPro's
on Oct 16, 2015 at 3:35:56 pm

why are you blaming Cal Digit. Do you think that Sonnet, G-Tech, Lacie, Active Storage, Apple (yes Apple) are supporting their products after they become obsolete ? Try getting Apple to support an Xserve RAID. Let's look at host controller cards - both ATTO and Highpoint both make 3g host cards that there is no more support for.(example, the wildly popular ATTO R380 - no more support for Yosemite or El Capitan). And why should they ? So that you can keep making money, while they work for free writing free driver software for you?

Cal Digit is a great company. Buy some new equipment, and get ready for it to be obsolete. Your examples are ridiculous. 12G drive technology is available from all RAID manufacturers now (Areca, ATTO, Highpoint, all the chassis companies), but there are no 12G drives. And when the 12g drives come out, the 6 g drives that you are buying TODAY will be obsolete. This is exactly what happened in 2011, when 6g drives were released, and people said "but I just bought 3g drives last week, or last month - what do I do now ?".

Welcome to the technology business. Cal Digit has done nothing wrong. All companies do this.

Bob Zelin

Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.

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