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Speed Grade 2015 Resets your work.

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Bob Schweizer
Speed Grade 2015 Resets your work.
on Jun 24, 2015 at 2:00:55 pm


If you work on a project in Speed Grade 2015, send it to premiere and then send it back to Speed Grade for final tweaks, it will reset to default thus eliminating all of your color work. Currently, it appears the only workaround is to go back to 2014. Others on the Adobe Speed Grade forum have written about having the same problem.

I hope this saves you guys some frustration.


Bob Schweizer
Media Coordinator
AboutFace Media Inc.

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Dan Quigley
Re: Speed Grade 2015 Resets your work.
on Jul 2, 2015 at 1:47:02 pm

I can second that experience.

For me, the actual grade on the footage doesn't reset but all the actual layers and settings no longer appear for tweaking.

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Charles Drexler
Re: Speed Grade 2015 Resets your work.
on Jul 7, 2015 at 10:15:01 pm

I just reported the following bug to Adobe:

Concise problem statement: SpeedGrade looks disappearing when toggling view on and off in SpeedGrade, after sending back and forth to Premiere via Direct Link
Steps to reproduce bug:
1. Open sequence in PPro with clips on it
2. Send to SpeedGrade via direct link
3. Add a grade to the Primary layer of your clips in SpeedGrade
4. Send back to PPro
5. Mess around with your sequence in PPro, then when you are ready to make further Sg adjustments, send to SpeedGrade via Direct Link
5a. (optional) try tweaking your color settings with the new PPro color lumetri effect... allegedly it shouldn't affect the Sg color fx right?
6. In Sg, click on your clip, and there will be two lumetri layers: one that you adjusted in Sg, one that you adjusted in PPro.
7. Toggle the Sg "primary" layer to "off" or invisible, and watch your grade disappear, then turn visibility back on and it won't come back. The grade is lost.
Results: Loss of Sg color grades
Expected results: Expect to retain the color grades in Sg when I toggle the visibility on and off

Please, Adobe, fix this!!! The Direct Link with SpeedGrade was Premiere Pro's greatest asset, and something got broken in the latest release. I applaud the move to actually improve the Lumetri workflow INSIDE Premiere Pro, but please not at the expense of the Direct Link...

If you have this problem, please keep this thread going... Maybe Adobe will hear us and fix soon. If this functionality gets fixed, I will update this post.


Charles Q. Drexler

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Charles Drexler
Re: Speed Grade 2015 Resets your work.
on Jul 30, 2015 at 3:05:34 pm

Just an update: the July 28, 2015 release seems to address this issue, and actually add some interesting functionality for integration between PPro and Sg. I did some quick testing, and it seems that you can now add a Lumetri effect in PPro, send the timeline over to Sg to further tweak the effect, and then back to PPro -- all while making changes to the one Lumetri effect.

However, it seems that Sg cannot "see" the changes you made in PPro, i.e. the tweaks you made in PPro are reflected in the sliders and color wheels in PPro only, but when you send it Sg, you see the tweaked image but all the sliders and color wheels in Sg are in the greyed-out "inactive" state. It would be great if the adjustments traveled on the sliders and controls as well as in the Lumetri effect.

This is in response to Premiere Pro 9.0.1

Good luck! Adobe, keep up the good work and please keep working on the Premiere-Speedgrade Direct Link functionality!

Charles Q. Drexler
Creative Director
Sigsbee Street Film & Media

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