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Changing the look of multiple clips in Adobe Speed Grade CC

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Benji Hansen
Changing the look of multiple clips in Adobe Speed Grade CC
on May 7, 2015 at 6:43:33 pm


I'm the colorist on a music video, and I have a problem with one look that's applied to multiple clips. I changed the look preset, and I assumed that since I changed the look preset, it would affect all of the clips that have that preset applied. It seems I'd have to go through every clip and re-apply the preset. Is there a work around for this? You can't even shift-click multiple clips to mass-apply.

- Benji

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R Neil Haugen
Re: Changing the look of multiple clips in Adobe Speed Grade CC
on May 19, 2015 at 6:08:03 am

Yea, this could get improved a bit. There's a couple three ways to go about it. You may have solved this by now ... if not ...

First, the EASIEST & fastest way is usable only if you're in a Direct Link mode, using a Premiere Pro project file (instead of "native mode" using an ircp SpeedGrade project format). If so, you ...

1) go back to PrPro.
2) In PrPro, select the graded clip on the timeline (NOT in a bin) and right-click "Copy".
3) Holding down Shift, click on any other clips on the timeline you wish to share the grade you've just done.
4) Right-click on one of the group of selected clips, choosing "Paste Attributes"
5) In the pop-up box, select "Lumetri Effects" and de-select most anything else.

If it's a native project within Sg, then it's doable but a bit slower. The methods are:

- to copy using the playhead & cursor location ... move the playhead to the clip you WANT to change, hover your cursor over the clip you want the grade from (on the timeline) and click "C".

- Copy using the numeric keypad 1-9 numbers.

The default setup assumes you are copying from before the current clip (with playhead on it). Count however many clips to the left that you want to use for your settings (up to 9), and using the numeric keypad click that number. So ... if it's just the preceeding clip, you'd click the 1 on your numeric keypad. ALL current grading will be replaced by what is on the clip you've chosen by your number entry, and is again, from 1-9 clips prior to your currently selected clip.

To reverse the process and choose a grade from after the currently selected clip, you first hold Alt and then hit the " + " sign on the numeric keypad to reverse the "default" ... and then any 1-9 number you hit on the keypad will grab the grade from that clip, 1-9 after the currently displayed clip, and drop in onto that clip replacing any existing settings. So you can just work away putting the playhead on a clip, hit the number 1-9 after that clip for the grade you want ...

To go back to grabbing clip settings from before the currently displayed clip, it's ... Alt and the " - " minus sign. Then again, hitting 1-9 grabs the settings from that many clips before the current clip.

Of course, if you've got contiguous clips you can on a Direct Link project from PrPro put an adjustment layer over the group of clips, then go to Sg and use that as a grading layer, putting your overall LUT/Look and grading process onto that layer. If it's a native mode process, you can create a grading layer on the timeline there in SpeedGrade to do the same, again if they're contiguous clips.

Hope this is of help ...


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