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News: SynthEyes 3D Tracker End-of-Year Promotion for Schools

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News: SynthEyes 3D Tracker End-of-Year Promotion for Schools
on May 2, 2012 at 9:11:14 pm

Schools can get a site license for our powerful 3D tracker for $495

(King of Prussia, Pennsylvania--May 2, 2012) Andersson Technologies LLC is offering schools a special end-of-school-year educational pricing promotion for its SynthEyes 3D tracking application. For only 495 US$, schools can obtain a one-year educational site license to install SynthEyes for classroom teaching.

The company also offers schools a volume purchase plan for limited-term licenses to be installed on student-owned computers. Licenses can be efficiently purchased in volume (50+), then distributed over multiple semesters. Pricing depends on quantity and duration, but per-student is similar to that of a textbook.

SynthEyes is a camera tracking (a.k.a. match-moving) and stabilization application for PC or Mac used for animated critter insertion, fixing shaky shots, virtual set extension, 3D stereoscopic production, architectural previews, accident reconstruction, virtual product placement, face and body capture, and more. SynthEyes's latest features include an innovative texture extraction system that creates new low-noise textures, panoramic backdrops, and clean plates from image sequences. Recent "dot" releases have added an automatic coordinate creation system and a sophisticated lens grid analyzer that can correct fisheye distortion such as that found in GoPro HD cameras.

Tutorials showing these features and many others are posted on our tutorial web page at and at

* More about SynthEyes
SynthEyes offers a complete high-end feature set, including camera and object tracking, stabilization, 3-D stereo tracking, texture extraction, mesh building, and motion capture. It handles camera and object tracking from reference meshes, camera+object tracking, multiple-shot tracking, tripod (nodal, 2.5-D) tracking, mixed tripod and translating shots, zooms, lens distortion, and light solving. It can handle shots of any resolution---DV, HD, film, IMAX---in 8-bit, 16-bit, or floating point data, and can solve shots with thousands of frames. A special feature simplifies and speeds tracking for green-screen shots. The image preprocessor can help remove grain, compression artifacts, off-centering, or varying lighting.

SynthEyes offers complete control over the tracking process for challenging shots, including an efficient workflow for supervised trackers, tracking quality visualization tools, combined automated/supervised tracking, incremental solving, and a hard and soft path locking system. Users can set up a coordinate system with tracker constraints, camera constraints, a line-based single-frame alignment system, or manually.

SynthEyes exports to about 25 common animation and compositing packages, all included standard.

* Credits
Some current features with SynthEyes tracking include Hunger Games, Safe, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Red Tails, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Muppets, and Hugo.

* Price and Availability
A one-year site license for qualifying educational institutions is 495 US$. Windows or Mac OS X. Licenses will run through June 30th, 2013 for installation on school-owned computers at one campus. Promotional pricing is available now. Contact us for information on volume licenses for student computers. Educational pricing is available only to schools; students should lobby their faculty or obtain an individual license.

The commercial 64-bit pro version of SynthEyes is only 599 US$; the entry-level but fully-featured 32-bit version is an amazing value at 399 US$. SynthEyes is available now for Windows and OS X. SynthEyes also runs on, and is in production use on, Linux systems using WINE. The company website offers a free demonstration version of SynthEyes at

* The Company
Andersson Technologies LLC is located near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and is headed by computer vision and robotics expert Dr. Russell Andersson. SynthEyes has been solving the toughest problems for visual effects professionals since 2003, with customers in over 70 countries.

* For more information

Andersson Technologies LLC
sales [at] ssontech [dot] com
Follow us on Twitter at
SynthEyes Tutorials on

SynthEyes and Sizzle are trademarks of Andersson Technologies LLC. Mac OS X is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. GoPro is a trademark of Woodman Labs, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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