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Cineform crashes system

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david grantham
Cineform crashes system
on Feb 4, 2012 at 7:18:03 am

Trying out current trial version of Cineform Neoscene. Regardless of Codec settings, exporting with Cineform Codec crashes my AME (PPro CS4). Eventually only a hard reboot will get things running again. Other codecs work fine. Hoping for some suggestions to rectify this.

I need to render Intermediates - one of 3 project tapes (all of them HD footage from an XHA1 on brand new tapes) is corrupted and I have to slide the audio around and export synchronized clips as this tape's footage captures with dropped/red frames resulting in shifted (not drifting, aparrently) audio/video sync. (Same - or worse - capture problem with HDV split and Cineform capture also. Gave up on digesting synched footage after days of attempts.) Have succesfully captured many hours of DV with the system except from this one tape.

The export problem occurs with any footage (uncorrupted included) I put on a timeline in any format of project I've tried (DV included). It occurs whether PPro is running, minimized, or closed when AME is run.

(This install of CS4 has been working okay otherwise, though - to solve some recent performance slow-downs and crashes-on-quit - I could not reinstall the programme unless I added a second user/admin account. Adobe don't know why.)

I've ensured firewall and antivirus are off when both installing/reinstalling all this and when running these exports. XPpro is a new install with all drivers and components up to date. Bios recently flashed to current.

I'm otherwise having modest success doing this small HD project on a lowish-spec pair of PCs (one's a backup) and rented cameras in part to determine my next upgrade (PPro PC or Mac, FCP - not sure what HD camera)to an HD-optimized system.

The spec I'm using is minimal but acceptable for getting something out of Cineform, according to the readme. I would expect that at least the lowest settings would work, but all crash identically - within a few seconds after "Start Queue" is clicked; always before any progress is tabulated/shown. A crash notice replaces AME, including a window to report the crash to Adobe. I dispatch that. Eventually the system goes up to 100% CPU use after one of these crashes and stays there despite attempts from panes or Task Mgr to close Ppro/AME. Each AME attempt adds another instance of PProHeadless to the Process list, but the performance is equally crashy from first through to the final attempt.

I've tried every solution research has unearthed. Suggestions appreciated.

P4 3Ghz
3.2 GB ram
GEforce 8800 GT
7200 RPM SATA drives

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david grantham
Re: Cineform crashes system
on Feb 7, 2012 at 11:25:07 pm

Cineform tech support told me about an update which CS4 (both AME and PPro) aparrently required. Installed them and it worked. Thought it was updated.

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