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Problem with Adobe tools (Secondary Audio -- Auto Scrn Size)

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Problem with Adobe tools (Secondary Audio -- Auto Scrn Size)
on May 12, 2006 at 1:52:03 am

I posted this on VideoHelp but I think this forum is more knowledgible so sorry for the repeat to anyone who visits both forums. Also, my chief experience and problems stem from Adobe Premiere Pro and this seems to be the forum for that, but some of the answers may actually lie more in Adobe Encore and so again please excuse me if this is the wrong forum.

I have been using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 mainly and although I find it good the fact that I had to go and buy Encode (which I haven't yet installed) to put more than 1 Sequence on a DVD was annoying!

That said, can anyone help me with the following problems:

1) Is there a way to encode a single video with MULTIPLE audio tracks. That is, say one track which is an isolated music score and another which is a commentary track such that on the DVD the Video track is not repeated and wastes space, that that track contains fully the two audio streams and that a standard DVD player can use the Audio Selection buttons to switch between Audio tracks dynamically.

2) Secondly, when I import some 16:9 video and view it in the Sequence, it always has a double border. That is, just like a 16:9 broadcast on a 4:3 screen which is a 4:3 broadcast on a 16:9 screen. Is there some way to 'auto size' and 'auto center' the video output in the Sequence for a given clip such that the image is centered and if the height is greater than 9/16 the width that it sets the height to screen height and adjusts accordingly. OTOH, if the Width is longer than 16/9 the height, then set the width to the width of the screen and adjust the height. Seems to me that is a pretty basic function. Doing so manually when a computer could do so much better just seems silly. Especially when one considers the money I've spent so far!

Thanks in advance!

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