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Looking for Advice
on May 22, 2008 at 3:55:09 pm

First let me say that I am an IT guy, not a video editing guy.

My video editing guy needs a new system and we want to keep him within the confines of the devices that we can readily swap in/swap out.

Currently he has a custom built system that every time it hiccups we all hold our breaths because we have absolutely nothing like it and no way to get him back up and running easily.

Our primary PC right now is an HP DC5750 -

We would like to set him up with a custom built version of that unit:
AMD64 X2 6000+
4GB Ram
Dual 250GB SATA HD with Raid
Windows XP SP2

That unit has onboard integrated video, which is just NOT acceptable, before I even saw these forums that was a given.

My internal customer has indicated that system should have the "Matrox RT.X 2 LE interface" - what is that? LOL

A friend had recommended that we look at the GEForce 8800GT -

By using the custom built device we would be able to pull a stock model out of our spares and get him back up and functioning (perhaps not 100% capacity but somewhat) fairly quickly.

PLEASE... any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Alex Cantu
Re: Looking for Advice
on May 22, 2008 at 4:57:03 pm


It sounds your guy has the same problem I had when i got my current job jejeje. At least your listening him.

The matrox thing is a capture/editing card. He needs it in order to have analog video inputs, a full-size video preview to a monitor or tv (with an actual video signal, unlike what u could get with the s-video output from most video cards wich is only a scan conversion of the desktop), it offers a collection of propetary codecs, and other video standards like DVCPro HD which are not available with a firewire only workstation.

Anyway, here's the link:

I've work with matrox for yeas and they work with intel rather than amd (u can find a configuration guide at matrox website regarding motherboard and display card).
As u know win xp cant hadle 4 GB of ram, u shoud drop it to 3gb. The raid is ok, but install the OS in a separate drive, not just a partition; and use the raid0 for video capture.
I hope 64 bit drivers will come soon, but meanwhile we have to stick to xp pro 32bit since vista IS NOT A CHOICE for now.

Hope this helps, feel fre to ask.

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