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Professional video editor, AVID-Final Cut Studio -PREMIERE?

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Professional video editor, AVID-Final Cut Studio -PREMIERE?
on Apr 16, 2007 at 1:20:28 am


I want to become a professional video editor.

I have a friend that he wants to shoot documentaries and i want to start helping him editing his material.

I figure that I will use a PC based system for the low cost even though I prefer Apples.

I am planning to get a training seminar before I buy any hardware or software in order to get a better picture of my video editing needs.

Most people told me that I should invest my time in learning AVID. They say it is the most well-known and respected software among professional video editors. Which AVID software should I learn; I am confused with all the different versions I see ?

A couple of photographers I have asked that do video editing told me that they use premiere pro with the Matrox card. They mentioned that apple has the new Final Cut Studio as well.

Would you please advice a newcomer, who wants to become a professional video editor, on what software he should invest his training time?

Premiere, Final Cut Studio or AVID?

And on what specific software version (Hardware) do you suggest I should start with in order to become a professional video editor?

Thank you for your help,


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Best editor for starting out
on Apr 18, 2007 at 9:37:18 pm

Well since your just starting I would definately not choose Avid. It still has considerable bugs and compatibility issues as well as its probably one of the hardest editors to learn and workflow through. About the only thing really good in avid is the color correction engine and how you use it. Other than that its far inferior, especially if your audio editing as well, than Adobe or Final Cut. Now between Adobe and Final Cut thats a hard choice now with Studio. Before with Production studio(ala after effects, PS , audition, and encore) Adobe was the way to go unless you had a MAC already, just because it was so much more expensive to get almost the same thing with Final cut and the production studio add on for it. Adobe 2.0 was and is a truly excellent complete package for editing. Now the new Final Cut studio is suppose to have raised the bar with their own versions for audio editing and 3d effects. I havnt seen it yet but the word so far is its superior to audition and the efects platform integrates into final cut. I would definately get the gist on Final Cut Studio before you made a choice at this point unless you want PC for sure. Honestly there is very little difference between Final Cut and PP2. So much so there was mud rumors back in forth in the past about civil litigation. So you really cant go wrong with either one.

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