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FCP-X newbie - some tips after first edit needed!

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John Mitchell
FCP-X newbie - some tips after first edit needed!
on Aug 1, 2017 at 10:55:54 am

New to FCPX but experienced editor on PP, Avid, FCP and even Media 100! So I just completed a fairly simple multicam edit on FCPX - the reason for switching from PP for this project was one cam was in 4K and PP just chokes on it (Mid 2015 Macbook Pro i7 with 16GB RAM) - its an AMD card and I don't think Adobe has really optimised Mercury at all.

Well - I just decided to suck it and see how I went - some frequent trips to the web ensued and it probably took me twice as long as it would have on PP but I got there in the end. the questions I'm asking below aren't a knock on FCPX - I'm just assuming that I don't know all the correct ways of working and I'm looking for some tips.

So first things first - I had a 4K ProRes and 1080P XAVC at 25P - for some reason when I dropped my 4K25P multicam onto a timeline it created it at 720P60. Fixed that at the end by copying and pasting to a new timeline but that was odd.

One thing I found particularly challenging was audio. Is there a way to change the height of individual audio tracks for a clearer look at the waveform? Or do you have to change the height of every track? And why are there vertical gaps in between each track? Also audio playback was probably the least pleasant part of FCP-X - I kept getting glitches on a library music track (a full quality wav) - admittedly heavily compressed and peaking at 0 but so are most commercial and library tracks.

Secondly what is the easy way of completely unlinking audio and video? Detach audio separates them and allows you to split etc but if you want to deliberately place a reaction shot out of sync with the audio it seems like you have to delete the audio.

Next a simple thing - place an opening animation with alpha channel at the beginning of the timeline. Not so easy. On PP or Avid I'd simply overlay my animation on a new video row and then select the rest of my timeline and with my timeline indicator placed at the exact spot I want to go to drag so the start of my first clip aligns with the TLI. On FCP-X I had to insert a gap, then overlay the clip and then stretch the gap out to try and get it exactly right.

How do I lift something out of the timeline and leave a gap - ie don't close it up (overwrite rather than insert editing).

How do I drop in an exact in and out point on a source clip and drop it into the timeline and can i do a three point edit?

If I've detached audio how can I drop an in and out point in and make sure the whole timeline closes up rather than just video or audio?

Finally what is the easy way of copying and pasting effects - especially basic things like scale and CC. I ended up creating a preset but you can't apply presets to multiple clips - or can you?

Any help appreciated ...



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