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An efficient workflow

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Claude Lyneis
An efficient workflow
on Mar 2, 2015 at 6:47:23 pm

I am edit lacrosse games. Typically cutting 80 minutes of footage and 50 clips to three to five minutes. Typically I make a string out of the game, watch it from the timeline and mark the interesting points. Then using the skimmer, I cut around the markers and cut out everything that is uninteresting but only roughly. This typically has some b-roll elements. Now I can skim through and find b-roll quickly. How to send it back to the browser and key word it for later use? Not sure how to do that.

I know in principle if I were working with clips in the browser and not the time line I could put in and out points and keyword, but I find it faster to skim and select in the time line, because it keeps the flow of the game.


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Jeff Kirkland
Re: An efficient workflow
on Mar 2, 2015 at 7:57:46 pm

Do it whichever way works for you... For me, I'd probably work in the browser because I tend to approach most edits by marking broad ranges of good stuff as favourites, stringing them out into the timeline then cutting away what I don't want - but if the way you're doing it is faster for you, why change?

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Tom Brooks
Re: An efficient workflow
on Mar 2, 2015 at 9:10:06 pm

Shift-F on the clip in the timeline to select used range in browser--keeping keyword editor open to type keywords.

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Claude Lyneis
Re: An efficient workflow
on Mar 2, 2015 at 9:14:34 pm

Great, that will do just what I need.

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Bill Davis
Re: An efficient workflow
on Mar 2, 2015 at 9:23:36 pm
Last Edited By Bill Davis on Mar 2, 2015 at 9:30:49 pm

Try this... (I call it "3-bucket logging")

Setup the browser in the Spreadsheet mode, not icon mode. (optional, but I find it works best.)
Now the up and down arrow keys do 2 things. Moves to the next or prior clip AND puts your cursor at the first frame.
Don't PLAY. Instead...
Tap I to set an IN point immediately on the very first frame.
Only then Play as fast as you feel comfortable with JKL (2x, 4x, whatever) and watch until the inevitable junk of pre-roll and director stuff is done.
Tap O to set the out point and hit X to REJECT the junk you've just watched.
Instantly tap I to set a new IN. Spacebar to play then JKL to speed up or slow down as needed.
Find an OUT position and pause there. Your first "Possible" is now selected.
Think about what you've just watched.
If it's great - Tap F.
If, on second thought, it's lame - Tap X and add it to the rejects.
If you are unsure, - tap I to set a new in point which will clear the former selection and leave what you just watched as Unrated.
JKL through the next section (which should be outtakes and crap) and tap O and REJECT that too.
At the end of the clip, you'll have "bucketed" everything into 3 categories. Rejects, Favorites and Unrated.
Use the down arrow to go to the next clip and repeat.
When you're done "menu bar tagging" all your content, you'll just HIDE REJECT and you'll be left with TWO classes of clips. Stuff you like - and stuff you're not sure about that you can re-visit again later.

AND you'll have cleared out ALL the crap in your field footage and will never have to look at it again, (unless you decayed want to.)

I can do this now at between 5 and 10 times real time = depending on how well I know the material before I sit down to log.


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Claude Lyneis
Re: An efficient workflow
on Mar 2, 2015 at 9:32:32 pm

Bill. I will give it a shot on my next game project. Maybe I can get rid of one of my old FCP7 habits. The game clips are so different than the clips from the scripted scene we just shot for a film class. Those just fell together in FCPX. For me, the sound editing in x works so much better because I can cut up front and the back doesn't slide around. The added audio clips stay with the appropriate clip.

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