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Best Way to Edit in Content for 58:30 Program

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Nathan Alber
Best Way to Edit in Content for 58:30 Program
on Apr 16, 2012 at 5:03:44 pm

Hey folks. One of my projects I work on weekly in FCP7 only takes just a few minutes to update and I was hoping someone could share advice on how to do it in FCPX.

Basically, we have a program that runs 58:30 from beginning to end, plus the bars/tone and slate. Our opening segment basically stays the same and is 30 sec long.

Afterwards the program that changes each week is in the middle, 57 min, 30 sec

Then our closing segment lasts 30 sec and we're out.

In our FCP7 timeline, the opening and closing segments remain in place, while I edit each week's program in the middle using I and O in the timeline. This saves me a lot of time conforming my project to 58:30.

In FCPX, should I use the "Replace with Gap" command to get the same timeline structure when updating my project each week? Or is there a better way, like using Auditions or something creative like that?


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T. Payton
Re: Best Way to Edit in Content for 58:30 Program
on Apr 16, 2012 at 8:58:41 pm


Actually FCP X is the right place for this type of work. You could do this very efficiently and I think you will find the workflow better than FCP 7. In a nutshell use compound clips for your segments and then edit inside the compound clips:

See here my example of a 6:30 show (click for larger versions)

1. My show comes in a 6:30 exactly.

2. I sleet the "body" of the show and create a compound clip of it. Option -G

3. Edit the body of your show inside the compound clip to your hearts content. Notice the area to the right, the dark area, that will show you what content won't be seen. Back out of your compound clip and in your main timeline your show will be exactly 6:30 every time.

You can use this same technique to modify the opening and closing for each episode also. Plus if you have commercial breaks you can create compound clips for each segment instead of one big body.

T. Payton
OneCreative, Albuquerque

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shur harewood
Re: Best Way to Edit in Content for 58:30 Program
on Apr 17, 2012 at 12:14:11 am

Hi Nathan,

Check out this link to a FCP X for broadcast network case study, I know there are FCP project translation apps to move 7 to FCP X, so the bulk of you edit programme template may still be intact or a few minor changes needed to tweak it.

See case study link here.

Let me know if it gave any useful insight.

Freelance HD and DSLR camera producer and trainer.
Enjoying the fruits and passion of living life to the full.

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