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Using Edge FX in Motion5/FCPX

COW Forums : Genarts Sapphire Edge

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Neil PatienceUsing Edge FX in Motion5/FCPX
by on Jun 28, 2011 at 7:49:43 pm

I have been using Sapphire for years and was very interested to try the Edge version.
Being familiar with Sapphire for Avid & FCP 7 that all makes sense operationally, pretty much works how you would expect. The preset browser is a bit different to what went before but not really looked any further on that side as yet.

I realise that in FCPX, Motion is providing the effects looks and is integrating into the FCPX interface. I expected to see the new Edge effects available there as presets with the option to edit them in Motion. However by default they were not there, at least I could not find them. So I went into Motion, and there they all were and can apply happily directly in Motion.

So my questions is:

Should the Edge FX be visible as presets after installing in FCPX ? (via Motion) Or do I have to create something in Motion first ? If so that seems very long winded but totally accept I may be not approaching it in the correct way.

Had a look on the Gen Arts site but couldn't see a tutorial for Motion 5/FCPX

Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

best wishes


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Alan McCormickRe: Using Edge FX in Motion5/FCPX
by on Jun 28, 2011 at 9:38:53 pm

Hi Neil,

Welcome to the Sapphire Edge Forum.

Unfortunately I do not have FCP X installed so cannot answer your question regarding the workflow other than I believe the FCP X and Motion 5 round tripping is broken at the moment (and does not work as FCP7 and Motion 4 works).

I have FCP7/Motion4 and Motion 5 installed, my workflow at the moment is to import the file direct from the Finder into Motion 5, apply the SE effects and build my composition then output a quicktime movie ready for importing into FCP 7. Although this is not an ideal workflow it does work without any problems so far and until the broken bit is fixed (hopefully).

In FCP X you should see the SE filters as normal in the Filters area and I believe you can scrub through the thumbnail icon for a preview.
In Motion 5 I see the SE effects in the Filters Icon or Library/Filters tab as you would normally.

Hope this helps.


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Todd PrivesRe: Using Edge FX in Motion5/FCPX
by on Jun 28, 2011 at 9:45:08 pm

FXPlug 2, the API which is supported in FCP X and Motion 5 works a little differently. Currently all plug-ins have to be published through Motion and the API does not have support for a pop up button that will launch a preset browser. We are working on beta testing and publishing Edge plug-ins in Motion to FCP X so when the official release comes about they will show up in FCP directly. Depending on the FXPlug2 API, the browsing experience might be somewhat different (ie all presets showing up directly on a generic thumbnail in FCP X) in X vs. 7.

If you'd like to beta test please contact me directly


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Neil PatienceRe: Using Edge FX in Motion5/FCPX
by on Jun 29, 2011 at 12:58:46 am

Alan and Todd

thanks for your replies, I was confused by the fact that nothing at all showed up in FCPX and the only way of getting to the effects was to start in Motion and then publish. The effect did then appear in the FCPX effects browser. Sounds like its not really working as it should yet.
Effect thumbnail was the shot I applied it to - OK for that job but could get messy after say 6 months of working or is the fx browser event specific ?. (more of an FCPX question I know, not a Sapphire specific question)

I am not in a hurry to use it in anger so it will be interesting to see how it develops. Long been a Sapphire fan so nice to see GenArts are the first to get things going.

Thanks again guys


best wishes

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