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Scratch's grading logic

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John Pilgrim
Scratch's grading logic
on Apr 11, 2013 at 4:58:50 pm

Hi, I'm coming from Resolve and trying to get up to speed on Scratch.

In grading a conformed timeline in Resolve, when I grade one clip, the grade gets applied to every other instance of that clip in the timeline and in the project. This is the default behavior unless I create and apply a different local or remote "version" of the grade, or do a Batch Unlink.

In Scratch 6.1, it seems when I grade one instance of a clip, the grade doesn't get applied to any other instance of that clip.

Is this the default behavior?
If not, how to I restore a more Resolve-like behavior?
If so, how can I get a more Resolve-like behavior?

My desire is to grade a clip once and have that grade propagate to every instance of the clip in multiple timelines conformed from different EDLs.

Lastly, assuming there is a Resolve-like way of applying grades, what is the analogue of Resolve's "local versions" by which I can apply an alternate grade to specific instances of a clip in a timeline?


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Matthias Aderhold
Re: Scratch's grading logic
on Apr 12, 2013 at 8:23:35 am

Hi John,

as far as I am aware, you cannot group clips, to grade all of them at once.
What you could do instead is apply a grade to one of those clips,
then put all instances of this clip in a new CONstruct,
copy and paste forward your grading to all clips and
then copy them back into your original CONstruct.
Keep in mind that this is only a nice way of copying grades,
but will not link all clips together, like you intend to do.

For the versions:
When inside the matrix, swipe to the right, to bring up the versions-menu.
If you have applied any grading to your shot, clicking on "Add Version"
will simply create another version of the clip with the same grading on it.
You can then move on, right were you left off with Version 1,
or reset the clip and begin from scratch.
You can also playback the clip and switch through the versions while playing back^^.


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Daniel Esperanssa
Re: Scratch's grading logic
on May 6, 2013 at 8:20:54 pm

There are several (ie: Trays) but one of the easy way to copy a grade to several instances of the same shot is to use, in the Construct, "Copy Selected" followed by a "Paste Grade";


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