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general workflow question plural eyes and premiere CC

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Felix Gorbach
general workflow question plural eyes and premiere CC
on Apr 25, 2015 at 10:25:29 am

Hi folks,

I do have a general question in workflow when u guys start with the audio sync process.

After ingesting in PPCC i normally start with the rough cut - and than I want to do the audio sync and in the end fine-tune the stuff.

The tutorials I discover in the net they all start with syncing the footage in Plural eyes and then exporting the stuff to premiere - leaving a hell of a timeline - with 90% unwanted footage. Do you guys recommend this workflow? Is the timeline from Plural eyes then you footage bin with that you start your roughcut in another timeline?

hope it makes sense to you what my question is.

Till now I often tried the sync my footage with the available synking tool in premiere - but it often - very often fails horribly... so manual workflow was till now my solution to this...

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Felix Gorbach
Re: general workflow question plural eyes and premiere CC
on Apr 29, 2015 at 9:20:45 am

Hi everybody,

I just worked a workflow out for me and tested it out.
I edited the the roughcut with camera audio. So I could very fast see if the things that I´ve thought out are really working in the edit.
After finishing that I just throwed every audio that I ingested from the raw audio folders into the timeline. I didn´t care if the audio clips are in the edit or not.
Then I exported the sequence from premiere CC into Plura Eyes - what works fine via the plugin and the extension in premiere.
Once I have the sequence in plural eyes with every audio that was taken on set - I synced it - and bam - it synced - of corse with all the unwandted audio - but hey everything needs a trade off - I pushed the stuff back to premiere and just hat to ripple delete the gaps - and I´m done.

With a careful made script from the script girl - which take was the best one - and the note of the corresponding audio files - this workflow could be improved - so I would not have to import every audio file that was recorded on set...

Helped me so far - and hopefully someone else :)



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