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Pluraleyes 3 and Premiere Pro CC Merged clips problem

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John Smith
Pluraleyes 3 and Premiere Pro CC Merged clips problem
on Aug 28, 2013 at 10:34:51 pm

The Creativecow forums are really great and have helped me many times before, but I can't find an answer to this question anywhere. Any help would be great. I have 5D footage and H4N audio files that I synced with Pluraleyes through the Premiere CC extension. After some problems syncing, I now have it syncing fine. Pluraleyes puts a new bin with 2 sequences in my project. One is synced and replaced and the other is just synced. I want to use only the synced version so I have all audio files available for editing. The problem is when I merge the clips in the synced only sequence, then I drag them to a bin, then drag them back to the sequence, I now have twice as many audio tracks. In the pluraleyes sequence everything looks fine, this only happens when I drag the merged clip back into any sequence. The clips in the synced and replaced sequence do not have this problem. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks for any help. - John

To update: I downloaded and installed the newest beta from pluraleyes which was posted just yesterday. Things are now working much better, but still a small glitch. Now when I drag the merged clips back into the sequence, the H4N files are fine, but the stereo camera file is now broken into 4 tracks, two of which have no audio. I can just delete these two tracks, but wish I didn't have to do that step. I prefer the stereo camera file in two mono tracks, but just don't want those empty tracks in the clip. I think it might have something to do with the sequence audio settings, still working on it. Thanks.

Update 8/30
I now have plural working (more or less) and the extra audio clips are now gone. I now have a problem when I drop the merged clips back in the timeline, somehow audio is added to the audio track, meaning they are now longer. I don't know where the audio came from either. Basically, my audio tracks were slightly shorter than the video tracks, after I merge clips and drop them back in the sequence, the audio files are now longer than the video.

These are the steps I have taken. Some may be unnecessary:
- Use sufficient ram. I went from 4GB to 12GB and it helped pluraleyes significantly.

- Update to new beta version of pluraleyes. See link above.

- edit / preferences / audio - select mono for everything (must be done before importing any video) This is a vital step, or else PP will create unwanted clips.

- when making a new sequence set master audio to mono, and all tracks to mono, and save this preset, it will revert to the stereo default if you don't. Once saved it will open the preset by default.

- make sure seq settings match a/v files. I used canon xf mpeg2 1080i/p for the 5D and also for some 60D footage.

- clean media cache, edit / preferences / media / clean... I do this before every sync.

- make sure everything is in chronological order as much as possible.

- select all audio and replace and render. Wait for it to generate peaks for all files first before sending to pluraleyes

- use default pluraleyes settings. The others never helped much, and only took a lot longer to process. If it is out of chronological order and you don't know to fix it, choose "let pluraleyes moves clips"

- wait until after importing, and after the processing green bar has finished in the bottom right before pressing sync.

- When done, click export timeline and it will open automatically in PP

- So far it works great until I put the merged clips back in the sequence. This time it doesn't have extra files, but it actually adds length to the N4N audio tracks but not the camera audio. I'm not even sure where this audio came from, it's not on the original files. The H4N has some kind pre and/or post roll, that's my only guess. It isn't a huge deal to fix manually, although a workaround would be great. Thanks

On one sequence, pluraleyes synced fine but there is now zero audio on one of the H4N tracks. I am certain there was audio here before sync, and I used the exact same settings as with the other sequences. I am beginning to think that both pluraleyes and Premiere seem to think it is ok to release products without thoroughly testing them. This is all very frustrating.

I think the blank audio track was because I probably accidentally didn't select all the audio tracks when I did render and replace audio. So all I have left is to figure out why PP is extending my audio files past the length of the video when I merge clips.

Update: I figured out how to stop the growing audio clips. I did a clip/audio options/render and replace on the plural eyes output sequence. PE must have fudged with the audio files somehow, because I did a render and replace before I synced. But no matter, all is working now :-)

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