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Trouble Mounting LTO-5 Tape

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Ben Powis
Trouble Mounting LTO-5 Tape
on Aug 7, 2018 at 4:30:50 pm

Hi Guys,

I'm having a little bit of trouble in mounting a tape in our Quantum LTO-5 Half Height Model B tape decks at the moment (connected to an ExpressSAS H680 via SAS cable). I've downloaded the latest LTFS package from the Quantum website and installed the ICU Framework and LTFS software along with the latest update for FUSE, I've downloaded the latest firmware/drivers for the H680 card and flashed it using the ATTO Config tool and updated the firmware for the tape decks using the Quantum xTalk software. I've also tried multiple SAS cables so this isn't the issue either. I am running on a High Sierra Mac fyi.

When I issue the ltfs /mnt/ltfs -o devname=0 command via terminal, it comes up with this process:

QFSHARE:~ admin$ ltfs /mnt/ltfs -o devname=0
307 LTFS14000I LTFS starting, QUANTUMLTFS Standalone version 2.2.2, log level 2
307 LTFS14058I LTFS Format Specification version 2.2.0
307 LTFS14104I Launched by "ltfs /mnt/ltfs -o devname=0"
307 LTFS14105I This binary is built for Mac OS X
307 LTFS14106I GCC version is 4.2.1 Compatible Clang Compiler
307 LTFS17087I Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 17.5.0: Mon Mar 5 22:24:32 PST 2018; root:xnu-4570.51.1~1/RELEASE_X86_64
307 LTFS14063I Sync type is "time", Sync time is 300 sec
307 LTFS17085I Plugin: Loading "ltotape" driver
307 LTFS17085I Plugin: Loading "unified" iosched
307 LTFS20013I Drive type is Quantum LTO5, serial number is HU1304UAGJ, firmware revision is 3210
307 LTFS17160I Maximum device block size is 1048576
307 LTFS11005I Mounting the volume
307 LTFS17302W Cannot retrieve attribute (Barcode=0x806)
307 LTFS10023I LTFS volume information:
307 LTFS10031I Volume Name : Mixed Clients 49
307 LTFS10024I Volser(Barcode) :
307 LTFS10025I Volume UUID : 9044548c-1bb4-43ff-8b56-167487ece14e
307 LTFS10026I Format Time : 2018-08-07 13:15:07.678223709 BST
307 LTFS10027I Block Size : 524288
307 LTFS10028I Compression : Enabled
307 LTFS10029I Index Partition : ID = a, SCSI Partition = 0, Total Capacity = 36476 MiB, Available Space = 36476 MiB
307 LTFS10030I Data Partition : ID = b, SCSI Partition = 1, Total Capacity = 1367865 MiB, Available Space = 1367865 MiB

307 LTFS14111I Initial setup completed successfully
307 LTFS14112I Invoke 'mount' command to check the result of final setup
307 LTFS14113I Specified mount point is listed if succeeded
mount_osxfuse: failed to mount /mnt/ltfs@/dev/osxfuse0: Operation not permitted

I have a feeling that due to the mac being recently updated to High Sierra, all of the permissions have been reset and this has caused a lot of issues. I'm not entirely sure as to how I go about making sure that I can open the permissions up on this administrator account so that I can mount up the LTO 5 tapes and also copy data across without any issues occurring with that.

Any help that anyone would be able to give me would be HUGELY appreciated as I'm currently trying to set this up for a video production company in London, UK.



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Tim Gerhard
Re: Trouble Mounting LTO-5 Tape
on Aug 10, 2018 at 6:13:42 pm

I don't think you'd get that far if it were a high sierra security issue. Most likely the new software Quantum made didn't really cater to the model B (HP) drives.

I would suggest trying the demo to YoYotta and see if that works.

Tim Gerhard
MagStor Inc.
NAB 2018 Booth #SL15816

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