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Christopher Court
Back Up Work Flow Systm
on Sep 1, 2014 at 9:46:43 am

Hi there,

Excuse this post if it is in the wrong forum - I wasn't sure where to post it.

I've recently joined a small (5 man) production company as a junior editor and film maker. My role consists of assisting the freelance editor on large projects and editing other less important projects myself. Part of my role is to also go through and organise the massive collection of previous rushes and master files so that they are backed up efficiently and are easily recognisable to the other members of team. Whilst rushes and master files have been backed up to a server, it's not been done in away that makes much sense.

I'm writing this post to hear what everyone would suggest as to what would firstly be a widely understandable way of categorisation of files and secondly an efficient way in achieving a neat, tidy and organised archive.

The current system looks a bit like this:

Rushes are backed up hard drive.
Masters are backed up to Server
Both are backed up to 4TB hard drive



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Simon Blackledge
Re: Back Up Work Flow Systm
on Sep 5, 2014 at 11:00:18 am

Can you define Master ? Final rendered Quicktime ?

Where do the Project files go ? XMLs ? Artwork ? Audio ? Gfx ? Scritps? fcp/avid projects?

I take it the Master > Server is just so you have a copy of final flat QT online all the time ?

First of all going to separate ext 4TB disks would be a no no . Are they barcoded ? How do you find Disk X rushes?

The disk backup as you say is exactly that, a backup.

Are the rushes edited off the server or local HD ?

Simple structure
Hard Disk / 2 folders







ie /DELIVERY/001_02-04-2014-FILM01_OFFLINE_V002

That way folders are in order date created.



That way setups folder is small and quick to backup every hour to something like Dropbox

Backup should look like this



So you editor X wants rushes from Project X its pretty simple > SERVER > Project>Media>Rushes >

If he/she wants to find all shots of "Pigs in Mud" then you need a MAM


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Christopher Court
Re: Back Up Work Flow Systm
on Sep 8, 2014 at 10:55:54 am

Hi Simon,

Your post blew my mind a bit, but I vaguely understand where your coming from.

It's made me realise that this clean up of work is more then just a couple days work!

When I say Master, I mean final export of delivered video; MP4, Quicktime etc.

The server mainly consists of all these Master Files and sporadic rushes.

Rushes are primarily kept on their original hard drive (which I've taken the time to number and draw up a quick table containing the name of the project alongside which number hard drive it's on), rushes are then backed up further to a 4TB hard drive.

I don't see any issue implementing the system on forthcoming projects it's only on previous projects that haven't been managed by me and are a complete mess.

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