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7d video glitches/pixelated shots

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giselle murillo
7d video glitches/pixelated shots
on May 7, 2011 at 12:22:18 am

i shot some footage last night and half the footage turned out amazing and the other half has these weird glitches that i can't figure out...since half on the same card are fine as well as set up. it's this weird glitchy pixelated thing that happens that involves a color shift and ruined footage.

items used:
camera: 7d
lenses: 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm (all canon lenses with a lens filter on the lenses)
cards: scandisk 32 gb cards and lexar professional 16gb cards.
card reader - lexar professional card reader that fits in the spiffy slot on my laptop.
iso - never went over 1600
took off the highlights and tones...we whitebalanced the shots best we could with available lightsource.
mount - red rock shoulder mount
monitor: marshall 7" hdmi monitor with hdmi cable

this footage is the raw h264 footage, that i read directly off card, transferred and converted. and i checked each step from in camera, to card reader, to transferred files on external drive and it exists in this state from point a to b.

i attached the clips to see what i'm seeing. and wanted to see if anyone experienced this issue. the camera never overheated.

thanks for any help

i attached should hopefully show up once approved

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giselle murillo
Re: 7d video glitches/pixelated shots
on May 7, 2011 at 1:47:46 am

the videos can be found here

string of shots

wall shifts

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Phil Ebiner
Re: 7d video glitches/pixelated shots
on May 1, 2015 at 5:16:00 pm


were you ever able to find a solution for this issue? I just had the same problem with a bunch of footage from my wedding and can't find anything online!

i know this is like 4 years later, but please help if you can!


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Casey McBeath
Re: 7d video glitches/pixelated shots
on Dec 12, 2012 at 8:11:38 am

I'm having the exact same issue currently. I'd love to know of any resolution, explanation, or information on this issue that might be available now, a year later.

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