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Erasing a 'rumble' from a interview track!

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Alex Tabrizi
Erasing a 'rumble' from a interview track!
on Aug 11, 2018 at 7:19:24 pm


I've had an very unfortunate issue with onboard camera audio recently. My electronic FF developed a 'jitter' during an important interview I captured off-the-cuff and is audible.

I've uploaded it here:

You will hear the FF as a 'rumble' sound throughout the whole audio track.

I'm in a terrible predicament here and I'm tearing my hair out. If there are any audio pros out there able to advise me I'd really, really appreciate it. Even if it cleans up 10% of the issues it's honestly worth it to me. This is me asking for help.

Many thanks


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Chris Wright
Re: Erasing a 'rumble' from a interview track!
on Aug 11, 2018 at 11:43:16 pm
Last Edited By Chris Wright on Aug 12, 2018 at 12:11:41 am

i hear rain hitting a mic(or some drum), hissing, distortion, reverb, echo, and people talking.

we need a wave file. we can't fix a youtube video.

here's something I wrote a while ago:

in audition:

i'd first run declip, then declick, then adaptive noise reduction. enable its 'noise output only' checkbox so that if you hear voices, then you have the wrong settings. also, change its frequency selection so that you ignore normal vocal ranges as well. play with the FFT sizes. usually 4096 is a good starting point. You could also try a noise print where he isn't talking for noise reduction effect.

remove rumble and hiss:
parametric eq out the lower freqs where rumble is and high freqs where hiss is.

isotop rx dereverb to remove reverb.

remove buzz:
first get rid of the loud buzz with dynamics processing. highlight the buzz, then drag the freqs down to isolate them.

then, highlight only buzz, no talking.
then right click learn sound model
then go to effects- noise reduction
sound remover process-fft size 512

then use the healing brush to smooth out jaggied pixels in spectral freq view.

in zotope rx:

if you run dialogue isolate with a very low setting like 1.5 separate and -6db reduction. then do voice denoise, adaptive -6, then all that's left is a nice voice with no noise except the wind, then the de-wind works 10x better. Now you're left with clear dialogue with zero distortion.

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Eric Toline
Re: Erasing a 'rumble' from a interview track!
on Aug 12, 2018 at 12:07:33 pm

If you can get your hands on a Cedar DNS2 unit and run the track thru it you can most likely clean up a good portion of the ambience and noise. Keeping lip sync might be an issue.

"I push the RECORD button and hope for the best"

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