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Source Footage location for RAID 0 Editing....

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Gerry Cast
Source Footage location for RAID 0 Editing....
on May 21, 2017 at 3:00:40 am

Hi Everyone. I have almost 1 Terabyte of source footage of an entertainer. It's footage of many of his one hour shows, his music videos, his interviews etc....Some of it is high quality HD, and some of it is low quality SD from VHS tapes.

I plan to pull various segments from all of that footage to create a 15-20 minute video Demo showing his varied work.

The source footage is all now filed on two internal drives on my system (7200 rpm SATA). Also, I just built this system, so it's a very fast, 64 bit Windows 10 machine with 64 Gigs of RAM and very fast video card.

My editing drive is a USB 3, G Raid 4 Terabyte set up as RAID O
My Media Cache Drive is a 1 terabyte USB 3
My Export/Previews Drive is a 1 Terabyte USB 3

Here's my question.

Should I copy ALL of the source footage from the two internal drives over to the RAID 0 drive and start editing? Or, can I leave the source footage where it is and edit the project from the RAID 0? My gut says to copy all the footage over, because then I'd be utilizing the editing speed of the RAID O, but I'm not sure. I just wanted to confirm that copying it all over to the RAID 0 is the correct way to utilize the RAID drive as otherwise I guess my PPro project file will just be referencing the video on the non-RAID system drives, right?

My other idea was to go to each separate source video file on the non-RAID drives, pull the highlight segment that I want from each video file, and then export that segment to a H.264 file and put those H.264 files on the RAID 0 and edit and assemble the Demo like that. I'm worried though that this would degrade the video somewhat as it's then a copy, so I'm thinking having ALL the source files on the RAID 0 would be better.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Ann Bens
Re: Source Footage location for RAID 0 Editing....
on May 21, 2017 at 12:27:10 pm

Been using raid 0 for years now.
Make sure you have a good backup system.
just one drive bust: all data is gone.

Adobe Certified Expert Premiere Pro CS6/CC
Adobe Community Professional

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Gerry Cast
Re: Source Footage location for RAID 0 Editing....
on May 21, 2017 at 4:43:56 pm

Yes, thank you, I realize that about losing data. I have two internal disks and one external disk just for backing up to an off site location.

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Dan Powers
Re: Source Footage location for RAID 0 Editing....
on May 22, 2017 at 2:33:13 pm

The test here is to launch Black Magic drive speed test and AJA drive speed test and run on each drive simultaneously so you are working one test on Raid, while the other test is on your cache drive.
While performing playback or write actions to your drive that are not being tested by the software speed test.
Then do the same thing testing your internal esata with speed test, while another software is working your cache drive.
My feeling is that having your footage on internal eSata is better than Raid0 external via USB 3 since all your other drives are also on that same USB3 buss. I think you are going to hit a USB3 log jam. But honestly, you are going to be fine.

I would check your Mobo specs and see which USB3 ports may or may not be on a different lane and split off your raid to that buss.

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Gerry Cast
Re: Source Footage location for RAID 0 Editing....
on May 24, 2017 at 12:50:15 pm

Wow, thank you for that info, Dan. Here I am thinking my RAID 0 is doing the job, but in the back of my mind it did occur to my that too much stuff was on the USB 3 ports. I never looked into what ports are part of what Lanes, but I must do that.

I'm just very confused as I don't want to start this enormous project the WRONG way, even though I'll probably be able to complete it somehow by trial and error.

Again, I need to pull 5 to 20 seconds clips from completed PPro projects that are all about 1 hour in length, and those completed projects are all sitting on my internal drives that are my Archives (of course I've got several external drive backups of those off site).

If I only use the External USB 3 RAID 0 to assemble the project, and leave the Archived projects where they are and just have the Project refer to those clips, I guess that's ok, but I will then be forced to LEAVE them in that exact location or else I'll be relinking in the future should I want to work on them again, which I hate to do as you never know what can go wrong, in my experience anyway.

Now I'm thinking maybe I should open those Archived projects one by one, and then export the clips I want in the DNx format so I don't lose quality, and then dump all those DNx files on the RAID 0 and assemble the project there, like that. For some reason, I'm feeling that even though this will be way more work (because I already have H.264 exports of all the Archived Projects already), this would be better. What do you think?

Thanks again.

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Dan Powers
Re: Source Footage location for RAID 0 Editing....
on May 25, 2017 at 2:58:19 pm

Depends on the quality of your H264 files. I am not a fan of editing with H264 Proxies or otherwise. Its a distribution format not a post workflow format.

Exporting what you need from the old projects will create a cleaner project for you.

When done, always export out a pro res master, and then consolidate a copy of the project to a new location for archive and future revisions. Have it make a copy of the footage, not transcodes. Hard drives are cheap. Store it on an external portable and you will thank yourself next year when you have to revise it.

You are on the right track.

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Gerry Cast
Re: Source Footage location for RAID 0 Editing....
on Jun 14, 2017 at 2:58:02 pm

Sorry for the delay responding, been sick and then busy trying to make a living.

I'm dreading having to do all the exporting again as I thought the H.264 would be fine to use as I use those for Blu Ray disks, so I figured they are high quality. I mean, they do look good, but I sort of want to follow your suggestions.

Again, my original project files that I would have to export from are all scattered across internal HD's in my system that I use for archiving, so I'm thinking I'd have to move them all back to my RAID 0 for better performance to pull the clips.

Also, I did look at the export setting in Media Encoder 2017 (latest version) and I do see a export choice (I'm on Windows 10) for Dnxhd, but if I remember correctly, there were many presets and I don't know which one to choose.

I'd want the highest quality and file size is not an issue, so if you could please guide me on what Dnxhd preset, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

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