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Open Caption position unstable

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Francis Sheehan
Open Caption position unstable
on Jan 4, 2017 at 5:13:20 am

Premiere Pro 2017.0.1 11.0.1(6)
OSX 10.10.4

I am having trouble with open captions staying in the position I have selected.

No matter how many times I set the font position bottom center it won't stick in most cases. I set each and every caption in my program to bottom center. I save and exit and reopen and the captions have repositioned without my intervention to the lower left.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Francis Sheehan

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Francis Sheehan
Re: Open Caption position unstable
on Jan 11, 2017 at 2:31:05 am

This issue seems to be related to the horizontal size of the text block.

The wider the block, the less likely it will follow user selected formatting. Very long lines, those beyond title safety, can result in very bad final positioning. The real kick in the pants is text blocks may appear fine while you are editing them and then randomly change to a horrifying position.

The only means I was able to come up with to solve this problem was to shorten troubled caption blocks width to well within title safety. Then cut the text from the block, set center position via the user grid button, and paste the text back into the block.

Lesson learned.

Francis Sheehan

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Trevor LeForge
Re: Open Caption position unstable
on Jun 22, 2017 at 1:54:12 am

Hello there! I am using the version of Premiere that is current as of the time of this reply. I have figured out how to fix the position wherever you like. This is a general guide that I came up with to get nicely bottom centred text that anyone should be able to easily adjust. The bold is the important bit. The rest of the text may not be needed for more experienced users, but the UNBOLDED TEXT AHEAD may contain helpful tips


There are nine small squares in a grid like pattern. Ensure the bottom centre box is filled in (if not, just click around it a few times until it is).

No need to touch the XY percentages. (The rightmost percentage should already be at the highest point, meaning if you try to hold click and drag it any higher, it won’t go past the number where it is. Alternatively, if you try to type a number that’s higher than the max, it should just immediately go down to the max, if that makes sense?).

Now, click on the captions (the purple bits, not the black bars within the purple bits) in the timeline and go to the “Effect Controls” Panel.

Set the rightmost number of the “Anchor Point” to 500 (or whatever you think is best looking) and voila! You can easily change the XY position of all of the captions by simply changing the Anchor Point numbers. If things look a bit weird or off centre after changing the anchor point, ensure the centre middle box is still checked.

Hope this helps. I came here earlier today and didn't exactly find an answer, but found this out and wanted to share the things I learned!

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greg janza
Re: Open Caption position unstable
on Jun 22, 2017 at 5:34:39 am

I would pass on using Premiere for open captions altogether. Premiere has a very weak captions interface.

Instead, use Create your open captions on their site, export a caption file, import that file into a program like Submerge (osx) and voila, you have an open captioned video.

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