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picture goes black between text layers

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Mathew Farrellpicture goes black between text layers
by on Oct 8, 2016 at 11:05:40 am

I've been getting a weird problem in a recent job - I've got a video layer (a nested sequence made of QT videos) with titles intermittently in a layer over the top.

Every now and then, the video layer goes black when there isn't a text layer over the top. It was happening in a particular part of the timeline at first, later in a different spot as well.

If I turn the titles layer off, the problem goes away (the nested video sequence plays fine). If I delete a particular one of the titles the problem goes away. Replacing it (with the same title, or a replacement), the problem sometimes returns.
Sometimes, it will play back fine in the program window, then the rendered output will show the problem. In that case, the problem will be present when I look at the timeline again.
Messing with the length of the title clips, or their fade out (opacity keyframes) doesn't seem to have any effect.

I can't consistently replicate this, and it's not currently happening, so it's hard for me to test what's going on. I'm stumped. Any clues?ac
System is a 4GHz i7 iMac; 16GB ram, 2GB Radeon R9 M290X card. Running PP 2015.4

The screenshot shows the timeline in question. The black screen happens where the playhead is - in the gap between those pink title layers. The Fx graph you can see on each object are opacity keyframes - each layers fades from 100% to 0% at the end.

Mathew Farrell

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jerry wiseRe: picture goes black between text layers
by on Oct 8, 2016 at 4:27:58 pm

i think I remember having this problem. I put footage on upper layers and then deleted them and the problem went away. it was like I had phantom layers that I could not see but they were causing weird things to happen.

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Mathew FarrellRe: picture goes black between text layers
by on Oct 11, 2016 at 10:56:22 am

Hi Jerry. Yeah, that does sound like the same problem. Thanks for the thought. If and when I see it again I'll test your solution. Someone else suggested putting black slugs with 0% opacity in the gaps, which sounds plausible too.

It's hard, as I can't predictably replicate it. This particular project is out the door, but I'd love to be armed to handle it if I see it again.


Mathew Farrell

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Duke SwedenRe: picture goes black between text layers
by on Oct 11, 2016 at 11:35:10 am

Just out of curiosity, I'm an amateur who just makes videos for my own amusement, but when I want a title to fade in and out, I use fade to black transitions rather than keying the opacity. Isn't that more time consuming, and, is it possible that could be the cause of your problem, with PPro sometimes not going back to full opacity until the next title clip brings it there?

Again, I'm not a pro, everything I know about PPro I've taught myself, but sometimes my simple mind stumbles upon simple solutions.

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Mathew FarrellRe: picture goes black between text layers
by on Oct 12, 2016 at 7:49:48 am

Hi Duke

Cheers for the thoughts. You're right in that key framing takes more work than dropping on a fade-to-black and dragging out the length. It feels like buggy behaviour, but when I drop a fade-to-black on the text layers (layer 2) the underlying video layer dips to black too. Key framing the opacity works as intended (ignoring this problem I'm describing).

I had similar thoughts about the opacity affecting the underlying layer. I can't replicate the problem reliably, but I don know that the text layer opacity change isn't affecting the video layer - the video remains completely opaque until the text object finishes. from memory, erasing the key frames didn't help. Again, without being able to replicate, I can't be sure.

All roads are suggesting this is a kooky bug. Hopefully it never comes back...

Mathew Farrell

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