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Default transitions in CC

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Nigel Davey
Default transitions in CC
on Aug 26, 2016 at 3:13:54 pm

For several years I was using PPro CS6 until swapping to CC a few months ago.

In CS6 I enjoyed the logic/behaviour of the default video transition shortcut (a 20 frame dissolve in my case) applied via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D. Of course you had to sit the playhead/CTI over the transitional point (i.e. where two clips butted together) in the sequence, but that was all. It didn't matter if you had a different clip selected/highlighted anywhere else in your sequence, only where the playhead was positioned. Thus I could apply default transitions quickly from the keyboard by shifting the playhead to the next transitional point in my sequence (via the keyboard up and down arrows) and applying the shortcut. No mouse involvement whatsoever.

Moving forward to PPro CC and I just can't get this behaviour to work anymore. Instead if I have a clip selected somewhere else in my sequence and I hit Ctrl+D my default transition now gets applied to that clip regardless of where my playhead/CTI is positioned. So to get around this I need to click on any blank part of the sequence (to deselect the last clip) and only then can I apply my default transition to where my playhead is currently positioned between clips. The big issue here is it requires me grabbing the mouse to click on a blank part of the sequence, thus slowing down my workflow. Whilst it sounds petty, it makes a big difference in reality.

I've lived with this behaviour for a few months, assuming there must be a buried setting to give me back the CS6 behaviour. I can't believe Adobe would force this on us knowing it can actually slow things down. Possibly it suits some styles of editing with an upside I haven't figured out yet, but it certainly doesn't suit mine and I'm hoping there is an 'off' somewhere.

Is there?

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Robert Withers
Re: Default transitions in CC
on Aug 27, 2016 at 2:07:41 pm

Hi Nigel,
Not sure I completely follow your work sequence, but here's a tip I collected some time ago from Derek Lieu that might help:

6. Deselect-All (Shortcut)
Right now you’re probably saying: “Come on, is it THAT BIG A DEAL to deselect something by clicking the mouse?” Yes, when you
consider how often you’re selecting things. If you have to go to your mouse and click off the screen to deselect stuff every single time,
then having a shortcut will save time. This one is so second nature to me I almost forgot to include it.
My Setting - (Cmd-D)
Default Setting – (Shift-Cmd-A)
Final Cut Pro 7 - Same
Final Cut Pro X - Same
Avid Media Composer - Not really applicable because Avid uses in/out points for all it selection based functions. There is a
shortcut for “Deselect All Tracks” though.


Robert Withers

Independent/personal/avant-garde cinema, New York City

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