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Advice on captioning workflow

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Keith Delk
Advice on captioning workflow
on Jun 21, 2016 at 10:51:42 pm

I've been captioning for a while now under a job. It's become really tedious and I cannot imagine that Premiere has a better workflow than what I have going on right now. Any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have title templates, I copy and paste titles on the timeline, I manually resize the background of the titles and determine where each line should be cut off into the second line.

Thanks in advance :]


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Tim Vaughan
Re: Advice on captioning workflow
on Jun 22, 2016 at 1:14:18 pm

Why aren't you using the captioning software inside Pr Pro? File-->New-->Captions
We generally outsource our captions as a whole, but I've had to make adjustments on some--especially when cutting down shows at a later date--and it works rather well.

Tim Vaughan
Production Editor and Motion Graphics, PBS Charlotte
Charlotte, NC

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Seth Freehling
Re: Advice on captioning workflow
on Jun 22, 2016 at 8:25:02 pm

To be in compliance with The Office of Civil Rights, my last few weeks have been captioning our online videos. I tried one with Premiere and quickly learned that route was only good for people on hourly rates or indivuals who have very low blood pressure. (I haven't upgraded yet, so maybe it's better)

Here's my workflow using the Subtitle Edit (PC) program:

-If possible, download the .srt file from YouTube (yes-it is painfully full of errors)
Or analyze it using an older version of PP (good option if you can combo this with a script)
-Open the .srt or .xml file in Subtitle Edit as well as the reference video file and create a waveform
-Edit away. Keyboard shortcuts are your friend
-Save .srt, upload, or import into PP for baking

If anyone else has a more efficient way, I would also love to hear it.

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Oki Pienandoro
Re: Advice on captioning workflow
on Jun 24, 2016 at 12:04:59 pm

The easiest and fastest way to do captioning is to use 3rd party tools, don't worry, it's freeware.
You can use either aegisub or subtitleedit (nikse).
Personally i use aegisub, because i can work faster with their workflow.
I use aegis because it can import a txt files, that act as a line-by line dialogue transciption.
Aegissub can import that, then i can adjust the timing very fast (you need to practice though).

After you finished making subtitle in that 3rd party tools, you can save as srt and convert into scenarist caption format (*.scc) using Nikse subtitle edit..
Then you can easily import that closed captioning import to premiere.

That being said, if your intention is to burn-in subtitles into video, not as closed captioning, you can use avisynth, then use a pismo virtual system (google it) to "import" as an overlay video files.
Or, using other plugin either in premiere or in after effects, there are plugin that can import srt.

There is another option to export as png files with xml data using nikse. so you can import the srt as sequence, there will be a bit of hiccup, since the path to png will broken, but you can easily solved this using batch and replace.

I'm sorry to being so vague, there's too many workflow to do this, and i'm just not in the mood for writing a long tutorial.

1. IF you want to do closed captioning : Use aegissub to create subtitle, then convert to .scc files using nikse subtitle edit
2. IF you want to do burn in subtitles : Use aegissub to create subtitle, then either using avisynth with frameserver, or create png files from nikse, or export as video files using AE plugin (not freeware). There ara other to import using 3rd party plugin natively in premiere, but i never tried it.

Sorry for the english, not native speaker.

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