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non-anamorphic 16x9 DV footage?

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Lee Overstreetnon-anamorphic 16x9 DV footage?
by on Apr 27, 2015 at 6:25:38 pm

I'm using CS4 to capture all my old DV tapes. One of those tapes was shot on a little Panasonic PV-GS120 in "cinema" mode. At the time (2007), having never used that mode, I thought it was anamorphic 16:9 NTSC. However, when I started a widescreen DV project in Premiere, captured the tape, and dropped it into the timeline, there was the red line indicating it needed to be rendered, and in the program monitor it had letterbox and pillarbox black areas. I created another non-widescreen DV project, imported the captured .avi, put it in a timeline, and all seemed fine with a letterboxed 4x3 video. Disappointing, since I had an older analog Hi8 that actually DID shoot anamorphic. So anyway...

1) Am I correct I have a non-anamorphic 4x3 video with letterboxing?
2) Is it OK that I captured it from within a NTSC widescreen project, then imported it into a standard one?

Later I hope to use this video as b-roll, cut together with a much better HDV video of the same event, but that's a whole other project and set of questions. ;-)

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Robert WithersRe: non-anamorphic 16x9 DV footage?
by on May 4, 2015 at 5:32:13 pm

Hello Lee,
I have a couple Panasonic PV-GS300 camera that I shot some wide-screen "cinema footage" in but mostly 3:4. On input into both FCP 7 and PPro 2013 it seems pretty clear that this is letterboxed footage in a 3:4 frame.
I'm going the other way, importing into the 3:4 DV timeline that it selects automatically and trying to upres and deinterlace down the line. Don't know how well that will work. Let us know how your process works.

Robert Withers

Independent/personal/avant-garde cinema, New York City

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Lee OverstreetRe: non-anamorphic 16x9 DV footage?
by on May 4, 2015 at 7:24:21 pm

Thanks, Robert, for the reply. Since at the moment I'm merely getting all my footage onto the system and making backup DVDs, I haven't done anything else with it. However, I plan to do what you described (zoom to fill a 16x9 frame) then combine with HDV, and I'm sure I'll be asking questions and sharing that experience. Later, I have a project idea which would combine 16x9 1080p footage from a DSLR with all manner of SD footage to make a retro video podcast, and that should be quite challenging regarding workflow and the best ways to de-interlace and zoom, etc.

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