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Timeline dropping frames?

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Jessica WoodhouseTimeline dropping frames?
by on Feb 26, 2015 at 9:45:55 pm

Hey all--I'm new to using Adobe Premiere Pro and I'm sure there's an option I've overlooked. I'm working on a project for a web company and designed an animation for them to show at the end of their commercials. This file plays flawlessly through Windows Media Player, Quicktime, etc. I'm just having trouble with it once I import it into APP.

Currently when I zoom in on my timeline to make more precise changes, my Current Time Indicator gets the little yellow bar showing where it will snap to if I move it to the right. When I slide it through my movie it seems to only move in these intervals, about 00;00;00;05 at a time. I wouldn't normally mind this, but my animation in the video--currently added as a Quicktime .mov--and it seems to be skipping the frames in between every 00;00;00;05. (I've tried other ones like .avi and .mp4, none make a difference). It's very noticeable when it skips the frames and I was trying a few different ways to fix it.

I opened the animation in the Source window and went to Sequence > Match frame. Now in the Source window it works perfect and it's showing the frames the timeline was skipping. I added a marker to the Source window for a frame that was skipped originally--the animation is of a small ball bouncing along the bottom of the logo--one of the arcs of the ball bounce:

After placing a marker, I made a matching marker in the timeline. Dragging the Current Time Indicator to the spot is impossible--it moves to right before and just after the marker. I have to click somewhere before it and use Marker > Go to Next Marker for it to actually land right on it.

With it selecting the exact same marker as what I have set in my Source file, you can see that the "ball" is in a completely different place when comparing the Source with the timeline preview. In the timeline preview, the ball is in the spot for the frame just before the "arc". The frame after (if I test this) is also where the ball is landing on the letters--it completely ignores any frames in the "arc" of the ball bounce.

Hopefully I explained this all okay and it makes sense; my question is, how do I get the timeline preview (and my final rendered video) to show the animation with all its frames, like it does in the Source screen and the original file? Is there a way to keep it from "skipping" these frames?

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Tero AhlforsRe: Timeline dropping frames?
by on Feb 27, 2015 at 7:08:41 am

Your footage and timeline settings aren't matching. Your sequence is in a drop frame format, you can see the ;-symbols between the timecode and the source isn't.

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Jessica WoodhouseRe: Timeline dropping frames?
by on Mar 2, 2015 at 5:19:35 pm

Oh, thank you! I didn't even notice that...I think that fixed it. :)

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