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Workflow for an Average/Slower computer.

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Crye BiggieWorkflow for an Average/Slower computer.
by on Mar 16, 2015 at 5:48:44 pm

I'm new to editing and am on Premiere Pro CS6. I'm catching up on the concept of sequences, transitions etc but looking at the big picture, I'd like to know how people on average performance computers do edit full length movies?? What would you do, or what happens? Make a Sequence, export first, then another, export and then import them back and link..etc? (Like is done in music where as project files become more a .WAV is exported of the sound and then re-imported as .WAV and then vocals are recorded on the .WAV, not the actual pattern sequences...sort of reduces work for the system..fxns like rendering need in video editing)..or...make many sequences in same project and export or just make a whole long 120min sequence? How long on average are video clip sequences? Sorry if I'm not coming across well. I'm just trying to peek ahead to see where all these sequences and effects in them lead to, or how they contribute to the full product, and specifically, in an average man's workflow (given his resources available). To give you an idea of my system, I'm pasting below. Any extra tips to up performance or on workflow will really help. BTW, I'll be using SONY NEX VG20 to shoot from shorts to full length films. Thank you in advance.

EDIT: I have Intel (R) Q45/Q43 Express Chipset etc

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Oki PienandoroRe: Workflow for an Average/Slower computer.
by on Mar 21, 2015 at 1:39:16 pm

Just do a self test, whether your system is capable of handling 120 min of 1080p (i assume Sony NEX VG20 is outputting 1080p). Find a clip online, or use your own clip, make dozen copies, and do a random timeline editing (trim, overlay) and a bunch of audio track. See if your system is stuttering or not.

In the past (like 5+ years ago), i used to make a proxy-video from my source video (lower res, lower bitrate) to lower the burden on my system, and it works wonderfully.
Then after the editing is finalize, i replace the proxy video with the source video. It's only a two separate folder method (one with proxy, and the other is the source). You can use batch renamer to trick Premiere (renaming the proxy clip with prefix "_unused"), then Premiere is trying to relinking the file, and you simply pointing Premiere to the target source clip.

Be sure to test this method first, i never used these for a long time. Make sure Premiere can relinked to the source clip after you've done proxy editing.

You can always try first to lower the playback res in Program Monitor (1/4,1/2 x) if your system is struggling.

And you can also transcoding the source to ProRes, it has better playback speed on many system, and they were visually lossless.

Btw, sorry if any of my suggestion is misleading/wrong, it's only based on my experiences.

Sorry for the english, not native speaker.

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Steve BrameRe: Workflow for an Average/Slower computer.
by on Mar 21, 2015 at 7:03:00 pm

I'll admit, after CC came out, I stopped transcoding to an intermediate codec for editing. CC seemed to be able to handle AVCHD footage easily. Even playhead scrubbing was smooth - for a while. Recenlty, I grabbed the CTI, and scrubbed through some footage at a fast pace, and noticed that it was very jerky. I'm using the same camera as I was when CC was introduced, so it's the same footage, but that jerky scrubbing let me know that Premiere wasn't handling the footage as well as it used to. Put a couple of heavy duty effects on a clip, like Magic Bullet Looks, and the fun begins. I have to drop playback res to ½ or even ¼ to achieve realtime playback. So, back to transcoding on ingest. Luckily, Prelude makes this a simple task, and Avid DNxHD is a relatively very fast transcode.

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Crye BiggieRe: Workflow for an Average/Slower computer.
by on Mar 22, 2015 at 12:17:53 am

Thanks guys. I tried AME CS5 and coded the AVCHD MTS to Quicktime, DV PAL. The files are heavier but it gives smooth playback. I hope this is not bad. I was advised to try AVI instead of quicktime. I'll experiment with heavier effects and more stuff dumped on the timeline but I def need to upgrade my system very very soon though. Hey I thought ProRes is for Mac?

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