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FCP& to PP6: some questions

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Jules bowman
FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 10, 2012 at 10:36:34 am

Hi, so I'm using the trial and trying to transfer my editing style/technique from 10 years of FC to PP. Therefore I was hoping that if i posted some questions in a thread as they came up, people may be able to help me out, if they know the answers.

1) When I have a clip in the timeline, an audio file of VO for example, and I hit space to play it and am then listening to it, when i jump forwards in the timeline to listen to another bit PP stops playing whereas FCP would keep playing, which is better because it saves me hitting the space key each time i jump to a new point.

Is there a setting i need to change something to enable PP to do this? Or do I need to request it as a future feature?

2) My keyboard layout in in FCP7 is slightly tweaked so this may not be the same for everyone, but in FCP7 I have CTRL G as close gap. I can jump to a gap in my timeline and hit CTRL+G and the next clip along butts up next to the previous clip.

This doesn't seem to work in PP and I can't find a keyboard shortcut for close gap. Is there one? Or is this feature called something else? Or do I ahve to submit a feature request?

3) In my key layout I have the numbers 7 to 0 assigned to +3db, +1db, -1db, -3db and highlight a piece of audio and adjust with the keystroke. Can't seem to find the keyboard shortcuts for these in PP. Am I being thick? Can I assign these settings to keys in PP? Or is this another feature request?

4) tttt in FCP lets me select everything behind where I click. is this available in PP?

OK, that's that for now, though i'm sure there'll be more :) Many thanks.

5) Discovered another. In FCP Backspace deletes a highlighted clip but leaves the timeline as it is. Delete deletes a highlighted clip and closes the gap left by the removal of the clip.

In PP I can only use backspace which deletes the clip and leaves a gap. Is there a way to do the FCP version of Delete so I delete a clip and the gap left automatically goes? Or is this another feature request?

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Jules bowman
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 10, 2012 at 10:42:54 am

6) In FCP I can place little icons in different windows of the app, eg: new sequence, freeze frame, +3db, Render, etc. which one clicks on and they work.

Do these icons exist in PP?

7) In FCP Shift+ALT allows me to drag a duplication of a clip onto another track, giving me two clips of the same content.

Did this get added to PP6? If so, anyone know the keyboard shortcut. If not, feature request? :)


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Jules bowman
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 10, 2012 at 11:37:14 am

8) When I open a bin and have them clips set to thumbnail, why are the clips in reverse order and how do i swap it to alphabetical order? In list mode they are in alphabetical order.

Sorry this is a real dumb question but i can't seem to see what to click to swap the order of the clips in thumbnails.

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Jules bowman
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 10, 2012 at 11:40:40 am

9) In FCP I have f5 set to lock all audio and f6 set to lock all video. This means if i only want the audio or the video off a clip it is easy to click the other key shortcut and close off what I don't want.

I can't seem to find a lock all audio and lock all video shortcut. Are they there and if so where?

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Jules bowman
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 10, 2012 at 12:02:01 pm

10) In FCP I would use the 3 way colour correction a lot to simply crush the blacks a little, maybe increase the whites a bit, up the saturation a tad which generally gave the shot a richer look.

Just opened the PP 3 way colour correction... er!!! Ok, am I being ultra dumb here or is the PP CC simply not laid out very well or clearly? I can't seem to see how to alter the level of black in low mid or high individually.

I have tweaked Input and output levels which seem to have an effect but it feels like I have less control than those simple little sliders under each bit (shadow, mids, highs).

I also tried the brightness contrast filter which also does it but again doesn't seem as simple as in FCP.

I also cannot see a way of clicking off to see what it was like before and after though i imagine that is simply me not knowing... so how do you turn a filter off then on to switch between before and after?

And as for the rest, is PP CC just really clunky compared to FCP? Do I have to live with that? I find it hard to believe everyone else doesn't use the FCP way for basic CC because it seems so logical that it seems as if that is its natural shape... like a wheel.


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Jules bowman
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 10, 2012 at 12:18:52 pm

11) Can one not drag a filter from one clip onto another clip retaining the settings of the filter from the first clip?

I want to drag some CC and Brightness/Contrast filters from a clip I've already worked on to a new clip but can't do it, it would seem.

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Jules bowman
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 10, 2012 at 12:33:38 pm

12) When I record audio I do so on a Zoom handheld device. it records one channel, so Left or Right, and in FCP I drop it into the timeline and set the pan to 0 and it comes out of both speakers.

in PP it seems to only allow it out the left speaker (that will be the side it recorded to on the Zoom) and when I pan to centre, or right, it just gets quieter or vanishes when on the right as there is nothing there.

I cannot simply set the pan to the centre like in FCP.

Anyone any idea what I am doing wrong here?


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Danny Nieder
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 11, 2012 at 5:05:35 pm

I can comment on a few of your points:

5) Hold the Shift key and hit delete - it will remove the gap.
7) Hold Opt key and drag and it will create a duplicate clip
8) There is no defined sorting in the thumbnail view - you can drag clips around to reorganize, but you can only sort in list view. Changing this has been requested by a few people in the forums, so I bet it will eventually find its way into Pr. (Don't hold your breath...)
11) This is another thing Pr doesn't do as well as FCP. You can't drag an effect from one clip to another. You first have to save the effect as a preset (You can right-click on the name of the effect in the Effect Controls panel and save as preset) and then it will be available in the Presets folder in the Effect tab. A few extra steps here.

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Dennis Radeke
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 12, 2012 at 11:26:48 am

Hi Jules,

I might need some more coffee, as it's still early for me, but I'll give it a go...

1 - We don't do this but we've had it come up a bunch post CS6 by FCP'ers like yourselves. File a feature request here:
2 - right-click in the gap to ripple delete. There is also a keyboard shortcut you can use but requires you to 'select' the gap. File the feature request - I'd like that one too!
3 - Never heard this one before - sounds like a feature request to me.
4 - Not that I'm aware of.
5 - answered above
6 - The button editor in the source/program views of CS6 give you some of that functionality, but you can't drag any 'ole command there.
7 - answered above. Finally got that one in believe it or not! ;-)
8 - answered above. Yes, file the request if this is important to you.
9 - You can lock the indivdual tracks but not lock all audio in a sequence with one click. Look at the track header information and you will see the lock button.
10 - I use the Fast color corrector for level control. Essentially a one-color wheel version of the 3-way with many of the same controls. Use the input level slider for crushing blacks. There is also a Levels command like Photoshop, but many more values and no slider...
11 - we've heard about a copy/paste attributes feature from some FCP people and we're looking into it. However, you can select an effect and simply copy and paste it to another clip. You can also select multiple clips on the timeline and choose Edit>Paste Insert and paste that effect to multiple clips. As mentioned above, you can also save a preset and apply that too.
12 - Our audio handling in CS6 is pretty nifty. If you want the Zoom audio to present itself as dual mono, you can set it up in the sequence as such or do it after the fact. Easiest way to discover the possibilities is to select the audio clip, right click and choose Modify>Audio channels. From there you can express a stereo clip as dual mono, a mono clip as stereo, etc.etc...

Hope this helps,
Dennis - Adobe

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Alex Hawkins
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 14, 2012 at 3:17:32 am

Hi Jules,

Dennis has done an excellent job addressing your points but I would just mention that re question 11 you can copy attributes from one clip - just highlight it and ctrl/cmd-c it and then you can select multiple clips and paste attributes - opt/cmd/v on mac.

That will paste whatever effects etc you have on your first clip to all the other clips. Be aware though that it's a cumulative all paste not a substitutionary one. i.e. if you already have an effect on any of the clips you're pasting to it won't get rid of that effect it will just add the others to it and you can't select which effects you want to paste like you can in FCP7. It's all or nuthin'.

Hope this helps/makes sense.


Alex Hawkins
Canberra, Australia

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Jeff Greenberg
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 20, 2012 at 2:40:30 pm

Came to this late. Some great answers here.

One quick one:

[Jules bowman] "9) In FCP I have f5 set to lock all audio and f6 set to lock all video. This means if i only want the audio or the video off a clip it is easy to click the other key shortcut and close off what I don't want."

No keyboard shortcut - but shift click the lock on the timeline and it does all audio or video tracks.


Jeff I. Greenberg
My NAB seminar schedule, contact info and more

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Philip White
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on May 14, 2012 at 2:07:34 pm

Hi Jules,

The delete command does have a shortcut - instead of pressing the 'delete' key as you would in FCP7 when you have an inpoint and outpoint on the timeline, you now need to press ' with the standard FCP shortcuts in PP6

If you run your mouse over the record monitor buttons and highlight the 'extract' command.

Hope that helps some!

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Joseph Hung
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on Jul 2, 2012 at 10:03:04 pm

Dang all sort so of people I recognize from the FCP forum is over here too! Add me to the list...

7) the shift+opt+drag technique doesn't work for me in PP CS5.5. I can't seem to get it into the shortcuts either. Any ideas?

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Lucy Moon
Re: FCP& to PP6: some questions
on Oct 21, 2013 at 8:30:18 pm

H Jules!

Very late to this thread. Hope that's ok. I just figured out 3) and put it in a blog post about increasing and decreasing audio levels in Premiere Pro.


MacBookPro 2.2 GHz intel core duo/ 6 GB RAM / GeForce 8600M GT
Hackintosh 3.41 i7 / AMD Radeon HD 6870 /16 GB 1 / OSX 10.7

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