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Gordon GurleyConforming?
by on May 29, 2016 at 1:32:29 am

Full disclosure: I'm a FCPX user. I've opened PP a few times, done some very basic things with it. Seems familiar enough (I used FCP from 1.2.5 thru 7). A colleague shared a large project with me on a hard drive. He was running CS6. I'm running the latest CC2015 (MAC), so I had to upgrade the project. Seemed fine. But when I opened the project, I can't play anything back. I either get "Media Pending", or, if I can see the media in the timeline, it doesn't play back. And I see a constant bar at the bottom loading files and "conforming" files. This seems to go on endlessly. I tried to export a 17 minute timeline to Prores 422, and it says it will take an hour to export.

When I tell editors that I use and like FCPX, I often hear a chuckle, like "you use that POS?" Yeah, I use it. I can edit very quickly. There's no conforming. Exports are relatively quick. I can edit 4k RED projects on my laptop (using proxies).

So I'm trying to understand the allure of Premiere, other than "it's familiar".

Oh, and how do I actually edit in this thing if I can't see my footage or play anything back without endless conforming.


Macbook Pro i7
PPCC 2015
Canon C100 footage

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Oki PienandoroRe: Conforming?
by on May 29, 2016 at 7:22:31 am
Last Edited By Oki Pienandoro on May 29, 2016 at 8:27:51 am

Conforming happen because the source audio is not using the same sample rate that the premiere use.

Edit :
As for your other question :

Premiere given the right GPU is really powerful editing suite. No need for trans-coding to other format.
Also the dynamic linking is great, especially if you have a client that constantly makes changes in each revision.
No need to render out files from AE.

What makes Premiere my choosen NLE?
I love in Premiere you can just work right of the bat without the need to transcode to other format
From what i gathered, FCPX do this in the background.
So, in FCPX case, if you finished your editing but the background transcode haven't finished yet, you need to wait.
Is this correct ?

In premiere, there's no need for that; Given the right GPU and there's no bottleneck in the drive, you can work in 4K on realtime.

But you need to wait to conformed files in Premiere?
Yes, but conforming audio is a lot faster than transcoding video.
Also, if the source is already in conformed sample rate, no need to conform at all.

But what i really love in Premiere is the dynamic link. It saves me a lot of time, no need to render out files from AE. This is really helpful since client always makes changes. I can switch back to AE, makes some changes, then back in Premiere, all the changes is being applied automatically.

With new features to able to edit the AE comp text in premiere, is heaven sent feature.
This is really HUGE time saver to makes changes in lower3rd, no need to switch to AE at all.

Even if the AE comp is too "heavy" in Premiere timeline, i can do "render & replace" to lift the render burden, but still have the ability to switch back to original AE comp.

Sorry for the english, not native speaker.

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Gordon GurleyRe: Conforming?
by on May 29, 2016 at 4:47:01 pm

OK, so I think what you are saying is that if I have a more powerful machine with the right gfx card, I don't have to wait for conforming. I guess that makes sense, but my source is AVCHD. It's not raw. Pretty much any machine should be able to work with that natively, or at least give me that option. Also, it's goofy that PP "renders" or conforms in the background, without any ability to control it (as far as I can tell). Yes, you can change it's location (hopefully before it fills your local drive), but I can't see anywhere to stop or even pause it. In FCPX I can see a progress clock. I PP I can't tell where in the process I am. I could be waiting 10 minutes, or 10 hours.

Gordon Gurley
Director of Operations
Stanford Video

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Gordon GurleyRe: Conforming?
by on May 29, 2016 at 4:49:35 pm

Oh and to add more fun, now the audio is getting corrupted and playing wrong sound that doesn't match the video.

Gordon Gurley
Director of Operations
Stanford Video

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Oki PienandoroRe: Conforming?
by on May 29, 2016 at 11:24:16 pm

That is really strange problem you have there, i never encounter a clip/project that play wrong audio, regardless what container.
Sorry, i can't help you there.

Instead of working in Premiere, how about tell the guy to export as FCP XML, perhaps it will work in FCPX?

Sorry for the english, not native speaker.

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Chris WrightRe: Conforming?
by on May 30, 2016 at 1:08:32 am


does it get stuck for a really long time conforming? it could be corrupt media cache files you can safely delete.
also, if your footage isn't handled well, you can pre-conform via prelude to a smart codec like prores or dnxhd which doesn't need to be recompressed when rendering. If you setup smart rendering correctly, it will export 4-12x faster.

The new premiere 2016 coming soon will proxy in the background while you work.

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Alex UdellRe: Conforming?
by on May 30, 2016 at 11:26:03 pm

Hi Gordon...

sorry to hear your initial steps in to PPro have been bumpy and been unpleasant.

I think ppl's chuckling and general distaste for FCPX come more from the way Apple handled the transition than the application itself.

They completely broke an established mature ecosystem with millions of loyal customers.

Not only that, they went further insulted professionals by introducing an inferior product built clearly on their consumer level product that did LESS than what they professionals had come to expect from the previous releases.

Now....all that has been hashed and rehashed and batted to death...frankly I don't care. I'll use whatever is in front of me. I fought Apple and Adobe working for a competitor in the same space...and lost...big. :)

Familiarity plays a key role for sure. Adobe stepped in and basically looked at what were people expecting from an FCP 8 and gave it to them wrapped in an interface and editing conventions that they could move to without much pain. Even some hardware was also supported.

Now...who knows?...Apple is playing a long game because they are diverse and have deep pockets. In my mind, clearly they are thinking about the next generation of content creators, many of whom will likely not be sitting at an edit desk, but using likely some cloud based backbone and gestural touch interface on a tablet like device where having the interface make a lot of "snap" and "magnetic" choices will be standard.

What content creation will be and why it will be is gong to change a lot. And they have a vision...that we just don't understand yet. But it will seem completely logical in the end. Just like it did when FCP and DV blew the first hole in professional market.

So it all will be interesting to see play out.

I'm not really critical of FCPX...I've never used it. I've heard it it's getting better. That's fine....because it will keep pushing Adobe and others to compete.


Alex Udell
Editing, Motion Graphics, and Visual FX
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Examples: Retail Automotive Motion Graphics Spots
Example: Customer Facing Explainer Video
Example: Infotainment & Package editorial

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