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Radial wipe with border?

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Esther CasasRadial wipe with border?
by on Mar 1, 2016 at 12:37:13 am

Hi everyone!

I have been using radial wipe in premiere cc, but now I like to add a border, meaning a black line along the wipe to see it clear, but can't seem to find the option, and I looked online and don't see it. Is not possible with premiere? do i have to be in after effects to do that?

Any advice much appreciated,

Thank you!

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Greg LeslieRe: Radial wipe with border?
by on Mar 1, 2016 at 4:54:00 am

Esther, one way to add a border to a radial wipe is to wipe from your first video source to black (or whatever border color you want), then go up a layer and wipe from "nothing" to your second video source, and offset it to the right a bit. The more you offset it, the fatter your border will be. If it's a fast wipe, you may only need to offset it a frame.

Hope this helps,


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Esther CasasRe: Radial wipe with border?
by on Mar 3, 2016 at 11:42:51 pm

Thks for your suggestion Greg.

Unfortunately did not work for me...wipe from "nothing", do you mean start the wipe at frame zero on the clip I like to end on the wipe? and add this clip on the layer on top of the first clip?

I did this but i just get black space before and after, not the edge...I am doing something completely wrong...

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Greg LeslieRe: Radial wipe with border?
by on Mar 8, 2016 at 1:25:19 am

Sorry for the late reply, Esther!

I forgot that the Radial "transition" in Premiere isn't a Video Transition at all, but instead a Video Effect, so you have to work it differently:

To go from Clip 1 to Clip 2, put Clip 1 on V2 and Clip 2 on V1.

Apply the Radial Transition effect to Clip 1 and set a keyframe for the "Transition Completion" parameter to 0 when you want the wipe to start. Make sure the Wipe Direction dropdown is set to Clockwise.

Go forward on the timeline and set another keyframe at 100 where you want the transition to end. You'll see Clip 2 revealed by the wipe.

Now go to Clip 2, apply the same effect, and set two keyframes at the same times as V1, but make the first keyframe 100 and the second one 0, and set the Wipe direction to Counterclockwise.

Now, as you offset Clip 2 to the right on the timeline, as the V2 wipe reveals V1, the V1 wipe will reveal Clip 2 a bit later, and it will look like a black border on the radial wipe. The more you offset Clip 2, the larger the border.

That was a long way to go to get that effect, and I hope I haven't confused you! Good luck!


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