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Media with different Audio Channel Configurations duplicating when moving sequences between projects

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Nick AndertMedia with different Audio Channel Configurations duplicating when moving sequences between projects
by on Feb 4, 2016 at 1:39:13 am

So, I’m working on a feature documentary, cutting in premiere across three computers. Each computer runs the latest release of El Capitan and the latest release of Premiere. Our workflow is that we have three cloned RAIDs (A drive, B drive, C drive), and a corresponding project file for each of them.

Our problems are with duplicate media, and arise when moving sequences between projects. Now, this is not an old problem with premiere, and our normal workaround has, until recently, been working. That workaround is as follows: If I wanted to, say, import a sequence from B project in A project, with no duplicated media being created, I would make a copy of B project, open it on the computer connected to A drive, online it to A drive, save it and close it, open A project, and import the sequence from that onlined transfer project.

Lately, however, there has been a snag. Premiere will never recognize certain clips as the same between two projects, and I’ve figured out specifically which clips those are: Ones where the audio channel configuration has been modified. Each computer's default audio track settings in Preferences/Audio all read ‘Use File,’ and since sometimes Premiere configures the audio channels differently than how I want them, I change them. So, working off of A drive, I might change a Stereo/1 track clip to a Mono/2 track clip (done using the modify/audio channels function in the project pane). Let’s call this clip I’ve changed Clip One.

Then, when I would bring a sequence in from B project also containing Clip One, it would bring in a duplicate version, because it thinks Clip One should be stereo/1 track.

So I thought, that’s understandable. I just need to make a new master project for B drive where Clip One is also Mono/2 track clip. So I duplicate my A project, rename it as the new B project, open it and online it to B drive… but, as I do so, it still thinks Clip One is Stereo/1 track instead of Mono 2 track…

So I think, maybe the data that specifies how the audio channels come through is not embedded in the project file, but rather is buried in either the Media Cache or as metadata next to the clips themselves on the drive (or is possibly even written to clips themselves). So I overwrite B drive’s media and cache with that from A drive… but still no luck.

The only way I can get Clip One to automatically be read on B drive as Mono/2 tracks is to go into preferences/audio and change the audio channel configuration from Use File to Mono… but the problem is that this now means all audio in the project reads mono, even if it shouldn’t. So now, if I try to bring a sequence in from B drive to A drive, I have the reverse problem — Clip One reads properly, without creating a duplicate, but every other clip duplicates instead.

So my question is, just where does this metadata live that specifies what the default audio channel configuration of a particular clip should be? From what I can tell, it’s not in the project file, not in any metadata next to the clips, not burnt into the clips, and not in the media cache. I don’t know what option that leaves… but I need to get my other two drives to open with the right audio channel configurations on everything, otherwise our entire workflow with Adobe Premiere just became untenable.

Sorry for the length and complexity of this issue. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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Chris EvansRe: Media with different Audio Channel Configurations duplicating when moving sequences between projects
by on Feb 4, 2016 at 4:02:41 pm

Man, you guys have a complicated workflow. I don't really have an answer to your question, sorry. But I am really curious why you guys have 3 cloned RAIDs, but you only copy the project file. Is your media already on all three? Why not just use a RAID 10, 5 or 6?

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Nick AndertRe: Media with different Audio Channel Configurations duplicating when moving sequences between projects
by on Feb 4, 2016 at 6:25:56 pm

They're actually RAID 0s, so I really should have just said 3 cloned drives. All three are loaded with all media, and are a perfect copy of one another. It (normally) allows us to work with three editors simultaneously on different parts of the film.

As for the drives, I find three cloned RAID 0s the easiest/safest/cheapest way to maintain triple redundancy of all media.

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