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5.1 + stereo editing (not export)

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Daniel Laurin5.1 + stereo editing (not export)
by on Dec 28, 2015 at 5:46:37 pm

Hi kings of the editing!

I am looking for a solution to facilitate my editing in Premiere. In life, I edit with FCP7, FCPX and Premiere Pro CC.

My case:

I read a lot of post and I can’t find my solution!

I shoot in studio, control room multicams and my clips are recorded on EVS in ProRes Quicktime with 8 mono audio tracks. Surround for tracks 1-6 and stereo tracks 7 and 8.

I know very well how to work in multichannel in Premiere with 8 mono tracks and complete my assignment in mixing for final output to the broadcaster. That is not my problem. When I go this way, that's a lot of audio tracks in my timeline and when I add additional clips, it is not long that I end up with 16 or 24 audio tracks as suddenly 8, it goes fast.

In my timeline I would like to have a 5.1 track (track 1) and one stereo track (track 2) and from there, when I put a clip in my timeline, the first 6 tracks of my original video would be on track 1 and and tracks 7 and 8 on the track 2. I am able to create a timeline with these two tracks but Premiere doesn’t understand 8 mono track as 5.1 + stereo. I can try to modify the audio channel setting of the clip but I can’t create a 5.1 track and a stereo (standard) track like in FCPX or other… Nad because of that, I can’t use the timeline as well

In FCPX, it's easy to take an original clip, tell him he is 5.1 + stereo and once in the timeline, give him a precise role. A role for the 5.1 surround and stereo role for the stereo. After that, it is easy to assemble and edit the way I want without managing a million oftracks ...

In short, is it possible?
Is it that someone understands my question ...

Thank you very much!!!

Daniel Laurin,
TV Director, editor

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Declan SmithRe: 5.1 + stereo editing (not export)
by on Dec 29, 2015 at 12:35:04 am

If I understand you correctly you are looking to have one audio track as 5.1 and the other as stereo built from your source clip containing 8 mono channels, 1-6 used for 5.1 and 7&8 for the stereo? I am assuming then that your master output will be channels 1-6 as your 5.1 mix and 7&8 as your stereo.

1. Ensure the sequence is created as a multichannel sequence.
2. Right click the source clip and change it's channel preset from "use file" to 5.1. You should then see channels 1-6 being assigned to Audio 1 and 7&8 being assigned to Audio 2 as below:

3. Drag the clip to the timeline and it should created two audio channels, both as 5.1 format, but as per the layout above.
4. Now right click on the audio channels and delete the empty ones so that your two newly created 5.1 tracks are on Audio 1 & Audio 2 as you wanted.
5. Now open up the Audio mixer for your sequence and you will see the two channels with 5.1 format options.
6. On Audio 2, reassign channels 1 & 2 (left & right) to output to channels 7&8. This will separate your source channels 7&8 to map to the master output 7&8 as your stereo pair:

I am assuming here that your channels are recorded as your mix (i.e. 1-6 the 5.1 and 7&8 the stereo which you want to mirror on output).

Declan Smith
After Effects CS6/ FCS3 / Canon XLH1 / Canon 7D / Reason / Cubase

"it's either binary or it's not"

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Daniel LaurinRe: 5.1 + stereo editing (not export)
by on Dec 29, 2015 at 8:36:12 pm

Thank you very much! It works!
I really searched long and nobody found the solution. Thank you again!

Daniel Laurin,
TV Director, editor

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