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PPro CC 2015 Folder Structure?

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Gerry CastPPro CC 2015 Folder Structure?
by on Nov 6, 2015 at 4:54:53 pm

I know the past advice was to import an entire folder from my Canon video camera into PPro before I started editing, so that the MTS files would play smoothly on the Timeline without any glitches when playing back a very long video, like an hour long.
My problem is that I'm have a nightmare organizing projects to be edited as I keep shooting new footage to the camera and then trying to store it on a hard drive BEFORE I start editing.
For example. I shot nine takes of a 3 minute music performance of a band, so they could choose their best take later. Fine. Later that day, I shot another 5 minute project.
My question is, can I just copy the camera folder full of .mts files over to a hard drive for storage, and then pull the individual mts files out of that folder and put it in a another one? This way I have a folder for the band shoot and a folder for the other project. I'm under the assumption that I HAVE to import an entire camera folder structure in PPro CC 2015 only if I want to span mts files for a long video. If this is true, then I CAN pull out invdividual mts files and store them in different places on a hard drive for future editing, right?
Hope I explained that well enough to get an answer.

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Paul NeumannRe: PPro CC 2015 Folder Structure?
by on Nov 6, 2015 at 5:02:42 pm

You can make separate and complete AVCHD folder structures of just select shots using Transfer Clips to Destination from inside Prelude. So, you can have however many clips you want on a card and then create a separate AVCHD folder with whatever clips you choose.

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Gerry CastRe: PPro CC 2015 Folder Structure?
by on Nov 9, 2015 at 2:44:00 pm

Thanks so much. Question. Can I also then just copy a cards full file folder structure with only the video files I want (say for a specific date, while leaving the other dated video files alone), to a new location for importing into PPro CC 2015 and that would be sort of the same thing? I mean, any spanned video files would play back properly in PPro because the file folders and structure are intact, except of course for the other video files that I just left on the card that are for a different project?
Thanks again.

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