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Premiere Pro 2014 - In-point 1 frame late

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Mario Quintana
Premiere Pro 2014 - In-point 1 frame late
on Sep 30, 2015 at 6:51:51 pm

I discovered that Premiere Pro 2014 and 2015 marks the in and out points one frame early when working with media that does not match the sequence frame rate exactly, even bring straight 24fps footage into a 23.976 timeline.

First off, I know that it is always best to work with media that is the exact frame rate, but certain quick workflows are necessary sometimes, and this i don't believe was a bug previous to 2014.

Also, I know some people get confused with the nature of out points especially, but this is not that issue. This is definitely a bug I am experiencing.

I am wondering if anyone knows any fixes for this, or if anyone knows why this couldn't be fixed as it wasn't a problem in the past, and I've never seen in other NLEs.


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Tim Kolb
Re: Premiere Pro 2014 - In-point 1 frame late
on Oct 1, 2015 at 9:39:32 am

Well...of course Premiere Pro has always placed the in and out point at the frame cut the play head sits on...and the frame that is visible is always the frame forward of the playhead...therefore an out point has always been set to end with the last frame being the one previous to the one that is visible... That's been in Premiere Pro for as long as it has existed. (And not something that hasn't been mentioned to Adobe by any number of us...)

As much as I'd like it to include the visible frame as the last frame's simply something I've gotten accustomed to.

On media that isn't the same framerate of the sequence (which could be fixed in a couple of clicks by the way with selecting the clip in the bin and doing a modify-interpret footage), the out point would have to set itself at the last whole frame without interpretation as the outpoint is on the clip itself, not the sequence. So...I suppose you would run into instances where you pick your out point in time on the sequence, but you're sitting in an interpreted frame (or fraction of) in terms of the clip, so the clip goes back to the last complete frame.

If you modify the clip so the framerate is the same, do you see the same behavior?

Director, Consultant
Video Producer at I-CAR

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Mario Quintana
Re: Premiere Pro 2014 - In-point 1 frame late
on Oct 1, 2015 at 5:35:56 pm

@ Tim,

Yes, if I interpret 24fps as 23.976, the problem is solved, which helps in some circumstances.

Yes, your hypothesis about how Premiere interprets "fractions" of frames is in line with what I was thinking. For this reason, I thought it was highly unlikely that there was a solution. I just don't believe I ever had this problem in the past so was curious if anyone had theories or opinions on weather this is a new phenomenon, and if so if there's a reason the bug can't be fixed. Seems like some code could be written to determine the first frame based on the playhead, rather than whatever is happening now. Time will tell.

Thanks for chiming in.

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