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Organizing footage by time of day recorded in Adobe Premiere

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Jonah Einstein
Organizing footage by time of day recorded in Adobe Premiere
on Sep 28, 2015 at 4:18:20 pm


I'll first give you the details of the shoot, and then ask my question.

- This was a man-on-the-street style shoot in a public space
- Two actors, with two wired lav mics recording into their cell phones
- Three cameras, very far away from the subjects
- On-set we would roll cameras, roll audio, slate/mark, then send the two actors into a public location for about 10 minutes, without ever cutting camera/audio. However, one of my camera ops broke this rule and was periodically cutting. That decision is what is causing me a syncing problem.
- I am editing in Adobe Premiere CC 2015


I am wondering if there's a way for me to have Adobe Premiere automatically organize this camera operator's footage in a sequence by TIME OF DAY, so that there are empty spaces where he wasn't recording (similar to the way Avid does it). If I could do that, then I can sync his first clip, and just let his subsequently recorded clips fall into sync with everything else.

Thanks in advance,

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Jon Doughtie
Re: Organizing footage by time of day recorded in Adobe Premiere
on Sep 29, 2015 at 1:15:23 pm

Someone will hopefully chime in with a more desireable answer for you, which would mean we'd both learn something new.

My understanding of multicam sync in Premiere Pro is that it is dependent upon the footage being continuous, without breaks. Breaks would mean you would have to sync those segments manually.

Perhaps add-on audio sync software like Plural Eyes or something else would resolve this, but I do not have those options, so I cannot say.

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Jonah Einstein
Re: Organizing footage by time of day recorded in Adobe Premiere
on Sep 29, 2015 at 3:06:58 pm

Actually, I was able to use multi-cam to get me most of the way there!

I created a multi-cam sequence using the "Synchronize by Timecode" and the "Create Single Multicam Source Sequence" settings. By doing that, I had a sequence with all my clips staggered by timecode. That was the missing link I was looking for. After that, I could right-click the multi-cam clip and "Open in Timeline", which allowed me to see this:

Then I had to deal with the tedious task of dropping them all down to one track, to create this type of sequence:

So again, that's one camera, with it's clips staggered by timecode.

I did that for each camera.. leading me to having four sequences like the one above. Then I merged them all into a master sequence, synced up the first clips of each track with my externally recored audio... and Bam. Since the rest of the clips in each stringout had just been organized by timecode, everything fell into the right place.

Here's an example with two cameras that I needed to sync:

Sorry if there are redundancies in this explanation... just wanted to make sure it's clear for anyone else who had this same issue. If anyone has questions, holler and I'll clarify.


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Alex Udell
Re: Organizing footage by time of day recorded in Adobe Premiere
on Sep 29, 2015 at 5:19:24 pm

on a lark try this....

select all the stair stepped clips....


go to After Effects

make a comp that matches your resolution


this will put all the clips in the COMP

now select all in the AE comp and COPY again....

now go back to Pro and paste into a Sequence...

I bet since there is no get everything on V1....

lemme know...

Alex Udell
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