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Editing 4K Cinema DNG in Premiere

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Lucas GarveyEditing 4K Cinema DNG in Premiere
by on Sep 25, 2015 at 2:49:58 am

Hello, it's my first time posting and I would like to apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong forum.
My main camera is the FS700 with the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+, I've been editing a lot of 4k pro res and I've had no problem. Recently I've purchased more recording media which allowed me to start filming in 4K raw, cinema dng raw to be specific. This started to chug my computer, to counteract this I would throw the raw files into adobe media encoder and create proxies, then relink to the original files later. This sped up editing but it was such a bogus process to create all of the proxies and relinking them, I was wondering if there was any setup that would allow me too work natively with the files. Or what I could upgrade in my current set up to allow this additional functionality.
My current set up is a late 2013 Mac Pro, 32gb of ram, 6 core, and dual D500's. The footage is stored on a Promise Pegasus2 r4 in Raid5, I've played around with moving the cache and scratch disk on different drives, like a G-Raid 8TB and a Drobo 5D, neither of these helped with editing raw, I even experimented with a RAMdisk, that really didn't help much either.
If such a set-up either doesn't exist or is ridiculously expensive, what process's do you use when editing 4K raw?

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Tero AhlforsRe: Editing 4K Cinema DNG in Premiere
by on Sep 25, 2015 at 6:25:53 am

Try dropping the playback resolution.

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Lucas GarveyRe: Editing 4K Cinema DNG in Premiere
by on Sep 25, 2015 at 6:29:51 am

I've tried that, I've even lowered it all the way down to 1/8 and it really didn't help at all, which was kinda surprising.

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Ivan PetrovRe: Editing 4K Cinema DNG in Premiere
by on Oct 21, 2015 at 12:13:54 pm

I use an awesome program called SlimRAW to do a lossless compression pass on FS700 cinemadng footage. This usually brings the size of the raw files down almost to 1/3 of the original size and the quality stays exactly the same. This means that in editing I need only 1/3 the storage space and, more importantly, the storage throughput. The lossless compressed raw files work fine in both Premiere and Resolve.

That said, if you are not getting any speed increase with a RAMdisk your bottleneck is probably the GPU (or the CPU, but raw video seems to depend more on the GPU).

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