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Trouble keeping text quality on export

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Danny Allen
Trouble keeping text quality on export
on Jul 24, 2015 at 12:06:59 pm

I am working on a digital menu for a restaurant chain, they have a 43" LCD screen in their front window for a menu. Edit everything together, looks great at 100% on my 40" LCD screen. Menu text looks great, images look amazing all full HD.

However when it comes to exporting things change, I have tried h.264 at various settings including 1080p and matched source. The Images still look amazing but the text on the menu really loses its definition and slightly pixelates.

I have tried as MPEG2 and that looked worse, AVI wasn't that good either. Any suggestions? Only thing I can think is that the original image is 4937x3528 and I have to compress it down to fit into the comp. But in the comp it looks perfect.

I have a slight animation on the images too, they pan and zoom slightly, in Premier they are smooth but on export the animation is juddery on TV and my PC. Its not a power issue with PC, latest tech, max Ram and power possible.

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Michael Buie
Re: Trouble keeping text quality on export
on Jul 24, 2015 at 1:52:29 pm

I solved this issue for me by changing the Target Bit rate to higher values.

I'm speculating as to why that worked for me: With lower bit rates, I believe when it detects black, the bit rate is variably lowered to compress better, resulting in poor text. Also, at lower Target Bit Rates, the picture and text during actual footage was lesser quality, also.

What Target Bit rate to try: If I am authoring an SD DVD, I adjust the Target Bit rate (after changing Audio from PCM to Dolby, so final file size for "mpeg-2 DVD" is more accurate) to some just over 4 GB. This ensures I can fit my content on the DVD along with resources like Menu Graphics and Menu Music Track.

This becomes problematic when you start to approach 2 hours of movie time. I could not set the Target Bit Rate over the threshold to fit on a SD DVD to avoid the fuzzy text issue. (I think that may have been between 4 and 5 mb/s and better.)

I've had people tell me an SD Movie of mine shown on about a 42" to 50" TV screen looked almost HD when I maximized the Target Bit Rate to fill as much of the DVD as possible. (I think max for an mpeg-2 DVD is maybe 9 mb/s.)

Of course, with HD videos and Blu-ray disks, you can get much MUCH higher Target Bit Rates.

I don't know if this will help you, but it solved my issue with poor quality title text. Please, let us know if you try this and how it works out for you!

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