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Severe Render Problems in Premiere Pro & Adobe Media Encoder CC2015

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Anand Prahash
Severe Render Problems in Premiere Pro & Adobe Media Encoder CC2015
on Jul 6, 2015 at 12:25:12 am

At this moment, I am extremely frustrated with Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder (both updated to CC 2015). I've finished a 15 min short film I've been working on but I cannot seem to get a completed render of the film out of either programs.
Technical things:
CPU: i7-4790k @ 4.5 gHz
GPU: AMD r9 290
Footage is on a 7200 RPM Internal HDD
Rendering onto an internal SSD (supposedly this is a faster method then just rendering onto an HDD?)
Footage is 4k and 1080p
All footage was graded with Magic Bullet Looks
Sequence is in 1080p (and I was rendering to 1080p)
I had NO issues with premiere pro being slow throughout the editing process
Description of the problem:
So I will start with my render issues in Premiere Pro. For the render settings, I just select the H.264 YouTube 1080p template (and I don't make any changes to it either). When I use Premiere Pro to render, I render completely in Premiere Pro...I don't queue it to AME. So once I start the render, the audio previews render swiftly but the trouble sets in when PP starts to encode the video. The video will start to encode at a normal speed and this speed continues for usually about 1/2 of the video but then, the render speed will slow down severely until it just gets stuck at a certain percentage. Please note that at no point in what I am describing does Premiere Pro crash...the render speed just becomes extremely slow and the time left till completion starts to go up continuously

Now to my render issues in Adobe Media Encoder. I open up AME and import the premiere pro project file then select the sequence. From there I select the same H.264 YouTube 1080p render template and start the render. The same thing happens. The video will start to render at a normal rate and the time till completion is reasonable. Again, usually somewhere after the 50% mark, the render speed will go wayy down and the time till completion will start to increase. I don't know if knowing this helps but I have noticed (since AME has a preview of the video as it is being rendered) that when the render speed becomes really slow, I will start to see the footage in the sequence WITHOUT any of the effects I have added in editing (such as color grading).

PLEASEEEE someone help me so I can render out my short film!! Many thanks!

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Paul Harwood
Re: Severe Render Problems in Premiere Pro & Adobe Media Encoder CC2015
on Jul 12, 2015 at 11:55:49 pm

Hey Anand Prahash,

I understand what you are experiencing, because I have experienced this issue before in previous versions of Adobe. I have a couple suggestions.

1. Try creating a new sequence, and drag your current sequence to the new sequence's timeline. Then try exporting in Premiere Pro.

2. Try Project Manager, and making all the files all in one area. I use this after every project in case I need to go back and edit.

3. Try using Creative Cloud's new Transcode feature. You can convert your clips to GoPro Cineform, Apple ProRes, or Avid DNxHD. This will make rendering easier, since it converts all your clips to a friendly rendering codec. It makes the Sequence Encoder match the clips. So if the Timeline renderer is ProRes, the Transcode feature will also convert the clips so no rendering is needed. This could help with the final export process.

4. Try saving your original project as a new one with a different name.

5. You might need to clean you Cache Database in Premiere Pro. This will delete render files, but could make the export process better in the long run.

6. Try exporting your 15 minute film in 5 minute segments. Then bring the 5 minute segments together in a new timeline and export again. Note: Make sure to export the 5 minute segments in a lossless codec, like ProRes, Cineform, or DNxHD. This will make it so when piecing the segments together, there is only one compression for Youtube.

I hope this is helpful. If you are still having trouble, try giving Adobe a call. Creative Cloud has free phone support. If you have any questions about what I said, please let me know. I understand your frustration, and please let me know if everything worked out.

- Paul Harwood

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