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Exporting to an 8-channel Quicktime in PPCC2015

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David DeanExporting to an 8-channel Quicktime in PPCC2015
by on Jun 24, 2015 at 4:54:29 pm

Hi, everyone - I'm having trouble exporting a 1080p timeline (feature film) to a multichannel Quicktime movie for the Blu-ray mastering people to create a 5.1 disc.

I brought an 8-channel QT movie that I'd originally exported from FCP7 (L,R,C,LFE,LS,RS,LTRT L&R) into PP2015 in order to embed closed captions (a snap!), but now I'm attempting to re-export the entire thing to a final 1080p movie with 8 tracks and captioning. After some experimentation with sequence settings I discovered that if I set the clip channel format of the sequence to "Adaptive," I was able to see that Channel 1 was going to go to Media Source Channel 1, etc. Right-clicking on the individual tracks in the timeline and selecting "Audio Channels" also showed me that A2, for instance, was going to Channel 2. Now, in doing so, the Clip Channel Format window was dimmed on "Mono," but to my knowledge, that's the format of the tracks you want, to be placed in a surround format.

So everything looks pretty good in the timeline. I did note that there's a new change in the 2015 Audio Track Mixer (which told me to set up for this kind of export): the Direct Output Assignment panel is gone (which I thought I needed), and instead I have a choice of "Read, Latch, Touch, Write." I don't know if this is pertinent to what I need to do, but assignment doesn't seem to be as simple as it was in CC2014.

Anyway - I've sent the timeline to Export Media, and here's where it's messed up. Even with all the channel assignment work I appear to have done, when I get to the Audio Channel Configuration panel, I have only two options: Stereo and Mono, 1 channel or 2 channels. The Source Channels are 1-2, and I can't change anything there. There's a "Discrete" radio button by "Channel Layout," but it's not clickable. Exporting a small section of the timeline gives me a QT movie with a single channel of audio, not eight.

So I'm stuck, after trying multiple sequence settings and options within PPCC2015, I cannot export an 8-channel QT movie (which I could easily do in FCP7, but it's the captions issue that drove me to finish this in Premiere. Am I missing ANYTHING? I do have screenshots of the process if anyone would like to see them. Thanks for your patience and expertise.

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Jamie PickellRe: Exporting to an 8-channel Quicktime in PPCC2015
by on Jun 24, 2015 at 5:34:22 pm


I found this video to be helpful when I've had to do the same type of export:

It worked in CC and CC2014, so hopefully it works in CC2015.


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David DeanRe: Exporting to an 8-channel Quicktime in PPCC2015
by on Jun 24, 2015 at 6:40:18 pm

Hi, Jamie (and others) - thanks for responding so quickly. I had actually seen that video, but things have apparently changed in CC2015. Following the instructions of the video, I've created a new sequence with the "Multichannel" format and 8 channels. The tracks are all set to Mono. (This person is going to do 4 stereo outputs, and that will muddy things up for me, but I'm following along with the video so far.) I then cut the 8-track QT movie into the timeline. Then I right-clicked on the sequence and went to Modify - Audio Channels. Here's where we started to vary. He set his to 4, I set mine to 8. Then he wanted it to be stereo, so he set the Active Channels to 2. I kept mine at 8. Here's also where things start to differ between 2014 and 2015 - the earlier version refers to them as Audio TRACKS, and the new one calls them Audio CLIPS. Don't know why - the terms seem to be different, but that's what the options are now.

So I now have this as an initial setup (and I think I need the Visual Aid now):

but now the video tells me to make assignment adjustments in the Audio Track Mixer, and it's completely new. If I click on the Track Output Channel Assignment icon over each of the 8 tracks, I get this:

I have 8 separate tracks but only have options for four pairs. I can't seem to assign 4 to 4, or 7 to 7, etc. And I'm still not getting an 8-channel output when I try to export it:

I'm sure I'm missing something somewhere, but following that video only got me so far. THANK YOU!

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Paul MurphyRe: Exporting to an 8-channel Quicktime in PPCC2015
by on Sep 8, 2015 at 9:32:29 pm

There's actually some misinformation in that video - adjusting Modify > Audio Channels of the sequence has no effect on the export settings at all. That's for nesting the sequence in other sequences.

Make sure that your master output is correct by going to the Track Mixer and checking that the number above the master meter is 8. This number will determine how many channels you can export in the export dialog box.

Then when you export, make sure your Audio Codec is Uncompressed, and then you should be able to set Channels to 8.


Paul Murphy

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Rojapathi devaralaRe: Exporting to an 8-channel Quicktime in PPCC2015
by on Dec 8, 2016 at 12:36:12 pm

Hi I want to import as A1 to A1 to A8 to A8 with With audio pane ... how can we get it in PPro CS6

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