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Search Bin and Indexing

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Jon Ross
Search Bin and Indexing
on May 27, 2015 at 5:41:23 pm

Hey all,

So I've noticed a problem with search bins that I thought was universal, but after trying it on different machines, I've realized it's only happening on one computer.

We've Flagged all Interviews as (INT*NAME) under different keyword columns and discovered a two prong problem.

In this scenario one of the interviewee's name is ERNEST. When a smart search bin is made searching all Metadata for (INT*ERNEST) we get anything that has INT, or *, or ERNEST. Not just (INT*ERNEST).

This is problem as we are trying to make Interview bins that span multiple bins within the project, and not get results for log notes that might say "Ernest talks to Billy", where it matches (Ernest).

This asterisk system was our adaptation after we realized that when we had a space between INT in our previous project we got all results, but we thought putting it as one word would solve that, It didn't.

The next attempt to solve this was putting "INT*ERNEST" into it's own keyword column that isn't used by any other clips. In this case the Client Keyword. So we set all of Ernest's interview clips to contain "INT*ERNEST" in the client keyword, and all of Billy's interview clips to "INT*BILLY" in the client keyword, and then made a search bin that only searches the keyword Client for "INT*ERNEST". That returned zero results.

I figured the And/Or conditioning was throwing it off so I changed the setting to be. Search Client for "INT*" AND search client for "ERNEST". No results. I changed it to "OR" no results, I left it blank - No results. I put the "INT*ERNEST" in different keyword columns, (Log Note, Scene, Description) When I searched in a specific Keyword metadata column - NO RESULTS.

I restarted Premiere - NO RESULTS. I restarted the computer - NO RESULTS. I deleted prefs - NO RESULTS. I opened the project on a different computer - YES RESULTS!!!!

So this is clearly some sort of issue on ONE computer here, and from what I can tell it's also happened on at least one other computer in our office.

Taking that further on the working computer, I made a bunch of unique keywords, and they all work instantaneously. Automatically updating the search bin as you add or modify the keyword itself.

So what's going on? Anyone have any ideas? All the computers here are running Premiere 8.1. As I said, I deleted prefs in hopes of that solving it, but no luck.

Please help, and or share your search experiences if you have any.

The long and short, is that we have multiple characters, with many many interviews spanning multiple episodes, and we are sharing these 4 episodes amongst 4-6 editors and as many story producers, so we are constantly simultaneously cutting parts of the same act or episode, so we learned early on, we can't change the Source footage bin structure, or we start duplicating and triplicating the source clips as we trade sequences back and forth. So the search bin was our great hope of organizing media, without having premiere duplicate it as new media when opening someone else's project.


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Alex Udell
Re: Search Bin and Indexing
on May 27, 2015 at 8:58:22 pm

Hi Jon...

I haven't made use of search bins yet so I can't comment on that...

but as for your reasoning why you went this route take a look at these post as it applies to clip replication for collaborative work.

I think you are too far along on this project to make use of this, but hopefully it will help you next go around...


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Jon Ross
Re: Search Bin and Indexing
on May 27, 2015 at 10:07:15 pm


I wish I had read about that importing setting a week ago. We finished bringing in the last of the media today, and have already distributed the project out to the teams. But we're gonna look into that write ID XMP setting for the next show. Thanks for pointing that out. I hope it works.

Meanwhile, the search bin but continues to perplex me. It seems to really not work specifically around multiclips.. so at least we've narrowed down the suspect a little.

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