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Curt Ash
Premiere Project Manager Best Practices
on May 1, 2015 at 7:52:42 pm

Hey All,

I just finished working on my second big project in Premiere Pro, a 2 Hr doc for the History Channel. The edit went very well and I really enjoyed using the software, It really feels like an improved version of FCP7, which is exactly what I want. However, I had some major problems when it was time to handoff the project to our online house. I just couldn't get a ProResLT reference QT kicked out and probably experienced at least a dozen crashes.

All my video footage in the timeline was ProResLT. I had a number of stills that had slow pushes on them. I assumed that this might be the culprit. Since Premiere is "resolution independent", I decided not to resize any of them. In FCP7, I always resized all my stills so they were no larger than 150dpi TIFFs. But in this timeline, I had stills that were as large as 600dpi. I should have known better! I went back and resized everything to 150dpi and redid all the moves. It still crashed. So then I went through and started exporting act by act to find where the offending file that was causing the crash was. Unfortunately, All 10 of my acts exported just fine. So now I was really confused. After a day and a half of troubleshooting, I found that it was a gaussiain blur on a relatively small still in my timeline that was causing the crash, but for some reason only when I tried to export the entire show. i removed the still and exported my ProResLT reference QT.

Then I tried to export my OMFs. Premiere failed the first three times and gave no explanation for it. Finally, after restarting my mac for probably the 20th time in two days, I was able to get all four of my OMFs out. Time for the Project Manager. I assumed this would be a disaster. It wasn't. It copied all the files over for the entire 2 hr show in about 90 minutes. Which I have to say, is insane! I can't tell you how many times FCP7 failed doing this over the years.

So, that was a long way for me to get to my question. I'm basically looking for some best practices in Premiere for an Television Editor who has to send his projects to an online house for finishing. I had a system down in FCP7 that worked pretty well. My system in Premiere is still very much a work in progress. I really like Premiere, but its hard to break away from FCP7. I knew all the bugs it had and I knew all the work arounds for it. Premiere has bugs and I haven't figured them out. I'd love to start editing natively instead of transcoding, but If I had this much trouble initially, I'm hesitant to leave ProRes behind. What files should I avoid in my timeline? What filters are problematic, stuff like that? I realize a timeline like mine that's 90 minutes of content spread out over 10 acts is gonna represent challenges to any NLE, so I'm just curious what practices other people in my position might have.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you guys might have.


Curt Ash
Senior Editor
Committee Films
Minneapolis, MN

Premiere Pro CC 8.2.0 build
Sequence Settings: 1920x1080 23.976FPS, Apple ProRes codec
iMac i7 3.5 Ghz
32gb ram
OS X 10.9.5
200ish TB RAID 6 SAN with anywhere from 5-10 people working on it at any given time. 10gb out of the SAN 1gb into my iMac.

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