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baking 16x9 footage & sequence to 9x16 using project manager & .epr

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Robert Wentz
baking 16x9 footage & sequence to 9x16 using project manager & .epr
on Apr 26, 2015 at 7:17:32 pm
Last Edited By Robert Wentz on Apr 26, 2015 at 7:22:38 pm

Hi all, I'm trying to figure a way to get premier to do this for me.

I have gopro hero 3 footage that was shot at 1920x1080 with the camera rotated.

I dragged a footage clip into a new sequence, matched settings, then edited the sequence preset to 1080x1920 then rotated all footage 90 degrees in the effects/motion tab then carried on with editorial.

Now I'd like to media manage the project since there was A LOT of dead air and I'd like to make room on my drives for ONLY the footage I need from my edits, so i do what any good editor would - do - media manage.

Go to File>Project Manager, then I select my sequence, tick "Consolidate and Transcode", give 60 frame handles and then I created a preset in media encoder that is identical to the attributes of this footage (59.94 fps, progressive field order, square pixel) - AND since I want the resulting footage to be 1080x1920 I set the width in the preset to 1080 and the height to 1920. I've saved this as an EPR then I load this EPR in the "Resulting Project" Preset field - "GoPro 1080x1920 to ProResHQ"..

I press ok in the project manager window, premier analyzes then gives me a message "Some clips have frame sizes, frame rates, field types and/or aspect ratios differing from the selected preset. These clips will be copied in their original format to the resulting project" - if i press OK, all that happens is what is stated - the original media is simply copied w/ no transcode, making the entire operation moot.

So the mismatch is the frame size and aspect ratio - my original media is 1920x1080 16x9, I've rotated the footage in my sequence, my sequence setting is rotated also to 1080x1920 and the EPR i'm attempting to use as an export preset is also specifying 1080x1920 (9x16).

So any tricks to get from here to there? I'm trying to manage media (trim unused footage from my edits) of originally 1920x1080 footage to 1080x1920 clips. I want the resulting clips to actually be 1080x1920.

Thanks! Any suggestions welcome!

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Trent Happel
Re: baking 16x9 footage & sequence to 9x16 using project manager & .epr
on Apr 27, 2015 at 4:10:04 pm

Consolidate and Transcode does not support transcoding parameter changes (e.g.: frame size, frame rate, fielding or PAR) from the source files. It was designed to keep the parameters of the source files, but transcode to different (unified) codec for archival purposes.

For your desired workflow, you would need to transcode your files to your desired parameters and then Consolidate and Transcode. You could use your created 1080x1920 preset with Render and Replace set to Source: Sequence. This will force transcode your 1920x1080 clips to 1080x1920. Then Consolidate and Transcode with the same preset. Since you are transcoding the Render and Replace clips, it should smart render (since it is transcoding ProRes to ProRes).

Hope this workaround meets your needs.

Trent Happel
Premiere Pro

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Robert Wentz
Re: baking 16x9 footage & sequence to 9x16 using project manager & .epr
on Apr 28, 2015 at 12:05:09 am

Thanks for the prompt suggestion, Trent.

I went about it slightly differently so I didn't have to do any additional transcoding.
I simply ran the consolidate/transcode/Project Manage within premier to trim off the many GBs of unused footage, then dropped the resulting QT movies onto a simple applescript I wrote that rotates right then saves QT movies in QT 7. The save operation in QT 7 on proRes 422HQ is ridiculously fast so the appleScript ripped through the batch rather quickly.

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