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Motion Effect Glitch/Jump

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John Brier
Motion Effect Glitch/Jump
on Apr 25, 2015 at 10:40:53 pm
Last Edited By John Brier on Apr 26, 2015 at 2:48:45 am

TL;DR, here is a screencap of me demonstrating the problems in Premier Pro:

screencap of jump/glitch issue in Premier Pro Video Effect

Thank you for any help

Here is a longer explanation with screenshots instead:

Hi, I am new to Premier Pro but having a lot of fun learning the features to edit together three video sources. One of my sources is a desktop screen capture. I have that loaded into my timeline four times. Once to show the whole desktop for a bit, and then three more times to crop specific sections of the desktop and move them around in the overall video. I have done this in three different projects successfully, however in one of the projects I have an issue where right after the last keyframe for each cropped section of the desktop capture, all three of those clips jump or glitch a little. In particular the most annoying part is since they are all lined up side by side, the "Time" clip moves right (off the border of the one to its left, "MMSSTV Tuning") and there is gap where you can see the next video I have playing in between the two. It's distracting. I have tried deleting and recreating the keyframes and messing with the temporal interpolation and spatial interpolation of the last key frame, but I don't really understand exactly what the latter does, and I didn't have to adjust it in my previous two projects, where I presumably used the defaults, so I'm not surprised that didn't help. The reason I call it a glitch is because if I select "Time" for example, scrub past the last key frame and then click "Go to previous key frame" to get right on top of it, when I click play I can see the Position and Scale values briefly glitch or jump before going back to their original values. If I go frame by frame from the keyframe I do not see the glitch in values though I do see the change in the position of the clips.

This screenshot of Premiere Pro CC shows the situation before the effects start

This shows the effect halfway through the motion, with the main "ScreenCap" clip fading out using Opacity effect.

This shows the effect at the last key frame, how I want it to look, with no gap between "MMSSTV Tuning" and "Time"

This shows what happens after I advance one frame, the gap appears between "Time" and "MMSSTV Tuning" and "MMSSTV Main" and "MMSSTV Tuning" clips both move down a little bit. You may note the frame didn't change. It was at 03;42;16 in the previous screenshot and it still is. Sometimes the keyframe shows up at 03:42:16 and sometimes it shows up as 03;42;15, and when I advance it one frame it still looks like this, but at least the time indicator changes one frame as it should when clicking "Step Forward 1 Frame (right)."

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Robert Wentz
Re: Motion Effect Glitch/Jump
on Apr 26, 2015 at 9:04:51 pm
Last Edited By Robert Wentz on Apr 26, 2015 at 9:08:50 pm

First, a couple of things.. just out of curiosity...

Are you just seeing this in realtime playback of your sequence or is this also occurring in exports of this sequence? Does the issue seem to persist after Sequence>Render Entire Work Area

What is the framerate of your sequence? What is the framerate of your source footage?

I'd suggest just hitting the stopwatch to delete ALL keyframes on the position (and any other attribute that seems to be jumping) of the problematic clip, then re-doing your three keyframes.

Also - would be easier to identify and troubleshoot the issue if you would step through the frames where the problem occurs with the right arrow key as opposed to "3... 2... 1... spacebar"

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John Brier
Re: Motion Effect Glitch/Jump
on Apr 28, 2015 at 4:12:06 am

Here's your frame by frame demo of the problem:

position effect glitch frame by frame demo

I used the stop watch to delete all the key frames for position and scale on the three clips and recreated them. Same issue.

I don't see Sequence > Render entire work area. You can render between In and Out and effects In to Out, or selection, but not "Entire work area." I did export the video and I see the same issue, the clips don't stay put.

I created the sequence by dragging a video from my phone to it. That video and the sequence are now 30.04 FPS. However, the source clip that I am having issues with is 30 FPS exactly (it's my screen cap, not from my phone). I did go and look at my other project where I thought I didn't have this issue. My sequence there is also 30.04 FPS while the source clips are 30 FPS. I will say that the clips do seem to move a little bit after the key frame, but because I have them lined up on the lower right side of the frame and because they move to the right, there is no gap so the issue doesn't seem the same, but I guess it is. Could the slight FPS mismatch be causing this?

The reason I did the count down and played the video was to show the jump, or glitch in position/scale values. You can't see that at all in frame by frame, only when I click play while it's sitting on top of the key frame. I do *not* see the jump/glitch in values on the other project though, which I guess is another reason I thought this worked fine there but not here.

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Robert Wentz
Re: Motion Effect Glitch/Jump
on Apr 28, 2015 at 6:35:34 am

Hi again,

First - render work area only appears if you have the work area bar enabled, it sounds like you (smartly) have it disabled. Render in to out would suffice for what I was suggesting but like you mentioned it sounds moot as the jump is in your renders and exports as well.

I would certainly give it a shot - conform the 30.4 FPS footage to 30 FPS exactly. 30.4 is ... well.. suspect to say the least in the first place so it would be a good idea to just conform that OR re-shoot it at exactly 30 FPS.

Id be curious - what would happen if you replace your 30.4 FPS footage with some other footage that IS conformed to 30FPS? If you just option+drag a clip already imported into your project window onto the 30.4 media in the sequence it will replace the clip with what you are dragging. .

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